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Change enablement: unlock the true potential of your people

Change enablement: unlock the true potential of your people

The business world is constantly evolving, and those who can effectively navigate change are the ones who will come out on top. That’s where our change enablement toolkit comes in – the secret weapon that prepares, equips, and supports individuals and teams to successfully adopt change.

With our toolkit, you’ll be able to embrace change enablement and unlock your true potential. No more stagnant business practices holding you back – instead, you’ll have a dynamic, thriving organisation that can take on any challenge that comes your way.

Don’t wait any longer to take your business to the next level. Get your hands on our change enablement toolkit today and watch your organisation soar!

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Alexandra JefferiesChange enablement: unlock the true potential of your people
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Recharge. Refresh. Reignite.

Recharge. Refresh. Reignite.

B2B Marketing Report 2022

We asked the big questions about the challenges and opportunities that marketers have faced throughout 2021, and you answered. Our smart team at Bright have analysed the responses from the survey to understand the business landscape that marketers face, and how agile marketing and transformation can guide us into 2022.

Three key insights emerged from Bright’s annual marketing survey results:

  • Powering up MarTech - Harnessing the potential of technology to optimise your marketing
  • Saturated digital landscape - Cutting through the digital noise to resonate with your customer
  • Skills scarcity - Developing the skills to keep pace with transformation

Our services

On the back-foot when it comes to demonstrating results and performance? We’ll give you a leg-up through embedding new agile ways of working.

Strategy & Planning

We help you identify the best opportunities for growth and develop a tailored plan to achieve your goals.


Generate demand, enable your sales team, deliver higher quality leads and accelerated pipeline with measurable, customer-centric agile campaigns.


Cut through the noise with impactful messaging and communications that engages your internal and external audiences.

Data and research

We use data-driven insights to help you make informed decisions and optimise your activity for maximum impact.

Brand and positioning

Define a consistent brand image, tone of voice and messaging that clearly demonstrates your value to entice and retain clients.

Content and creative

Content and creatives that standout to engage and connect with your target audiences wherever they are in the buyer journey.

Let’s start driving your success

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can accelerate your success and grow your business.

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Zoe MerchantRecharge. Refresh. Reignite.
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Minimum Viable Marketing

Minimum Viable Marketing

Agile marketing teams are more responsive to customers

Discover how to leverage agile for rapid growth

Agile is rapidly gaining popularity, particularly within small and medium sized businesses, where resources are limited, and time is valuable.

Marketing strategy is a perfect vertical to reap the rewards of an agile methodology. The result? Less waste, in terms of time, money, and resources. Rapid output, and more growth.

That’s why we have created this groundbreaking eBook: Minimum Viable Marketing, so you can adopt agile and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Find out:


Why 69% of B2B marketing leaders believe traditional marketing is ripe for extinction and why future-proofing your marketing strategy is critical

An introduction into a Minimum Viable Marketing methodology and why it works in the real world

5 tips to successfully adopt a Minimum Viable methodology and reap the rewards of rapid, sustainable growth

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Alexandra JefferiesMinimum Viable Marketing
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Communicating in uncertain times

Communicating in uncertain times

With exclusive insight from industry experts

Hear from BAE Systems, Tesco, and FT

Businesses need an effective communication strategy now more than ever — one that offers reassurance, increases stability and builds trust. In the UK, we are now facing a period of almost unprecedented uncertainty.

That’s why we have developed this exclusive eBook, with expert insights from global communications leaders, and their take on how to best tackle creating an internal communication strategy during times of uncertainty. Hear from the likes of: 

  • Louise Fisk, Comms and Marketing Director at BAE Systems
  • John Kundert, CTO at Financial Times
  • Nick Sunderland, Head of Integration at Tesco

Find out:


Why flexibility is key when planning your communications strategy
Situations can change quickly, so make sure your communications planning is developed to be agile from the very start.

Which trends, political or otherwise, are most likely to impact organisations
Brexit, the digital revolution and the threat of nationalism will continue to impact businesses globally. Businesses need to be able to adapt and thrive in uncertain and ever-changing environments.

How best to manage negative sentiment during times of organisational restructure
Why demonstrating honesty and empathy to employees is so important during times of change.

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Alexandra JefferiesCommunicating in uncertain times
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Marketing as an accelerator – Enabling fast growth for acquisition or sale

Marketing as an accelerator – Enabling fast growth for acquisition or sale

How fast growing businesses are leveraging marketing to drive success

Hear exclusive insights from industry experts

Growth – specifically fast growth – is a key strategic approach for many businesses to maintain competitive advantage in their industry, whether the objective is acquisition or sale.

‘Marketing as an Accelerator’ isn’t just another ebook. It’s a new way of thinking about your marketing strategy. Hear exclusive insights from industry experts into how businesses can develop their pipeline of future clients, build reputation and brand, and ultimately achieve high sustainable growth.


6 common factors that are seen in high growth businesses
Beyond being great at what they do, and offering real quality through their people and delivery, why do some businesses grow quicker than others?

How to stop relying on personal networks and word-of-mouth to drive sales
There comes a point when businesses need to invest in their credibility. Without a marketing function there is a natural growth ceiling, but for those with ambitions for growth, it is essential to evolve beyond this point.

Prioritise what marketing tactics you should focus on to empower growth What essential foundations do you need to lay to begin to develop integrated pipeline-building campaigns?

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Alexandra JefferiesMarketing as an accelerator – Enabling fast growth for acquisition or sale
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