How we create marketing agility

Using agile marketing hubs to adopt new ways of working

Agile marketing methodology is all about moving in ‘sprints’ – incremental and iterative, adapting to unpredictable developments. We establish cross-functional teams we call agile marketing hubs, where we can be in the driving seat or work collaboratively to transfer agile marketing know-how to your organisation. This approach gives your marketing operation the resilience and adaptability to get ahead, whist flexing to market shifts and change. It’s why we deploy agile marketing here at Bright.


An agile mindset is about continuously improving – finding new ways to get an edge. That’s why campaigns are informed by data, so we always discover what’s working and why.


Agile means your marketing plan is dynamic and cross-functional. As a result, you shorten time-to-market and boost collaboration within your organisation.


Working iteratively means we quickly discover what’s working and what needs improving, adjusting at pace. We respond without tearing everything up and starting again, so there’s less risk for you.

We put data and results at the heart of everything we do

We use agility and pace to drive projects and campaigns forward that focus on rapidly learning, improving and supporting business outcomes through data-driven decision making.

  • Agile marketing in action

    Working in Sprints, moving fast with a minimum viable approach, and adopting continuous improvement — if this sounds familiar to you, it’s also familiar to Bright, because it’s our approach to strategic marketing. It’s how we quickly align, integrate and achieve great results.

  • The power of cross-functional teams

    Our marketing capabilities can slot into your existing team or complement the skills you have, adding targeted expertise where you need it. Alternatively, we can take on a greenfield project and develop it all the way from idea to execution, helping you establish a new operating model and build a blended marketing approach.

Need proof?

Future of B2B Marketing report

We asked nearly 100 UK business and marketing leaders where they see their marketing going. Download the report to better understand what role agile marketing will play in the future.

Minimum Viable marketing

Marketing strategy is a perfect vertical to reap the rewards of an agile methodology. The result? Less waste, in terms of time, money, and resources. Rapid output, and more growth. Read on to understand how you can adopt agile and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Marketing as an accelerator

Exclusive insights from industry commentators into how businesses can develop their pipeline of future clients, build reputation and brand, and ultimately achieve high sustainable growth.

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