Marketing is changing, it’s time to reinvent to stay ahead

Our purpose is to give marketers the power to do great work, we use agile marketing as the catalyst. By changing how your teams work and think to improve efficiencies and align your people, processes, tools & data to maximise marketings contribution, make bottom line savings whilst improving marketing effectiveness and engagement.

Accelerate growth

Make marketing investment decisions informed by data and get to market faster

Inject agility

Break down silos, cut the waste and focus marketing efforts on what really matters

Customer focused

Motivate your team to focus on customer-centric marketing and drive business value

Marketing Agility Calculator

Answer 10 short questions and we’ll tell you where you fall on the agile marketing scale.

Services to help you transform how you market

See the services we offer to help you inject agility to inspire and motivate your marketing team to think differently and drive the transformation of marketing:

Transformation strategy

Our flexible framework reinvents marketing to maximise impact, drive real sustainable change, and tailors agile marketing to your environment

Training & coaching

Equip your teams with the skills needed to inject marketing agility and effectively adapt to changing market pressures

Target operating model

Ensure marketing teams works seamlessly together by adopting the right operating model for your organisation

Change enablement

Prepare, support, and motivate your team to adopt agile ways of working across their activity

Campaign activation

Use agile as a framework to activate campaigns and content into market and embed new ways of working

Audience development

Improve customer centricity to amplify reach, increase engagement and grow your audiences

Bright have supported ADP’s International division ably through its agile marketing transformation over the last year and continue to be a wonderful agile resource to our marketing staff scattered across various regions. I look forward to continuing our fruitful relationship as we continue on our agile journey.

Els Humphreys-Davies, Sr Director ABM & Agile Marketing
Lydia KirbyMarketing Transformation