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Communicating in uncertain times

With exclusive insight from industry experts

Hear from BAE Systems, Tesco, and FT

Businesses need an effective communication strategy now more than ever — one that offers reassurance, increases stability and builds trust. In the UK, we are now facing a period of almost unprecedented uncertainty.

That’s why we have developed this exclusive eBook, with expert insights from global communications leaders, and their take on how to best tackle creating an internal communication strategy during times of uncertainty. Hear from the likes of: 

  • Louise Fisk, Comms and Marketing Director at BAE Systems
  • John Kundert, CTO at Financial Times
  • Nick Sunderland, Head of Integration at Tesco

Find out:


Why flexibility is key when planning your communications strategy
Situations can change quickly, so make sure your communications planning is developed to be agile from the very start.

Which trends, political or otherwise, are most likely to impact organisations
Brexit, the digital revolution and the threat of nationalism will continue to impact businesses globally. Businesses need to be able to adapt and thrive in uncertain and ever-changing environments.

How best to manage negative sentiment during times of organisational restructure
Why demonstrating honesty and empathy to employees is so important during times of change.

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Alexandra JefferiesCommunicating in uncertain times

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