Communication that drives behaviour

The right message at the right time

Not getting through? Make an impact with consistent strategies and energised messaging to build long-lasting relationships with employees, influencers and clients. We’ll ensure the right message lands at the right time, in the right place, by mapping out the buyer journey and creating target personas.

 Driving company change and cultural shifts can be a challenge, and how you communicate internally can make the difference between a successful business transformation or causing chaos and confusion with a lasting business impact. We’ll show you how to articulate business value in compelling propositions and differentiators that inspire change and encourage collaboration.

Drive change

Motivate your team to support organisational change and marketing transformation

Support agility & resilience

Communicate and collaborate better internally and externally to land your message

Engage your audience

Understand what motivates and engages your employees, prospects and clients

Revamp to re-energise — Audit your buyer journey today

Services to help you communicate effectively

See the services we offer to help you stay relevant, change up your messages and use the right comms channels to drive change internally and build relationships externally with your key audiences:

Persona creation

Understand the pains and needs of key segments in your audience

Buyer journey mapping

Find out how customers interact with your brand to improve your strategy

Communications strategy

Plan when and how to effectively communicate

Change management

Prepare, equip and motivate your team to adopt agile ways of working

Employee engagement

Turn the apathetic into advocates to support change and build the right culture for your business

Rapid proposition development

Quickly and clearly articulate how your product or service will help your clients and prospects

Bright is always coming up with creative ideas of how we can communicate and engage the different audiences across BCG. They understand our culture and how to work around constraints to get results.

Adel Du Toit, Digital User Experience Leader, BCG
Sian HeaphyCommunication