What’s your marketing mojo? Benchmark your marketing agility (Beta)

If we’ve learnt anything, it’s how critical it is to be responsive and adaptable to market change. You may have already discovered that your traditional marketing techniques aren’t helping you keep pace, pivot around downturn, or adapt to client needs in a digital, fast-paced, and personalised world.  Your team may be taking a hard look at the data to better understand client needs and what’s driving potential prospects.

Ready your team for the future

We already know that an agile, data-driven approach is the future of B2B marketing. This idea of optimising what you have and using data insights to experiment with new tools, messaging, and channels to achieve your business goals is a simple concept, but it’s already transforming marketing teams for good. To keep up, all marketing teams need to inject greater agility and pace.

So, what’s the next step?

Start by evaluating your approach to marketing. Get to know your tools, processes, and ways of working. How are you finding and using data insights? Are you following long-term or project-focused strategies? What could help your teams communicate and collaborate better? In this exciting period of discovery and exploration, you’ll learn where you need to adopt a more strategic approach or how to improve the agile marketing techniques you’re already using.

Evaluate your marketing

Is your marketing traditional, fully agile, or somewhere in between?

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