Data driven decision making to navigate the future

Fuel continual improvement through insight and analysis

Understand how to make proper use of data and research to drive decision making and demonstrate marketing contribution to your business.

Cut through the noise and get ahead to become more client centric and market savvy, by turning data into actionable insight. Use research to understand your key markets and create cast iron business cases for your market entry strategies. Get to grips with your data by rapidly understanding its health and hygiene. Fill gaps, enrich and validate your data so you can reach the audiences you want to engage and truly understand buyer behaviour better.

Demonstrate ROI

Show your value to the business by expertly proving marketing contribution to business goals

Accelerate sales 

Use data to understand and predict buyer behaviour, improve personalisation and automation to engage your audience and improve conversion

Get ahead

Use research to understand the market opportunity for your propositions and build data driven business cases for marketing investment

Make waves in the boardroom –
report, analyse and synthesise

Data and research services to help you stay ahead

Make the most of your marketing through proper data use and research that gives you a leg up, to demonstrate results, make data driven decisions and continually improve performance, here is how we can help:

Understand your market

Total addressable market analysis that gives you the insight you need to prioritise the segments, accounts and contacts you want to reach

Data management and governance

Make the most of your data by managing it in the right way – it’s a valuable asset and underpins your marketing success

Market evaluation

Understand if there is a viable and profitable market for your product or service to create a cast iron business case.

Industry savvy

Get under the skin of your target industries – our high value tailored research will support your go to market planning and business case creation

Supercharged reporting

Shine a light into your data and deliver insight that will drive continual improvement and demonstrate marketing contribution

Rapid data build

Quickly identify and build the data you need to get off to a fast start and drive leads

Bright is a group of very smart and talented people. They helped me develop numerous strategies and the quality of their work has always been very high.

Christof Reckagel, Global Data Management Director, BCG
Sian HeaphyData & research