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Life at Bright

No two days are the same… its never boring here at Bright HQ.

Working at Bright means support, inspiration, and flexibility – and countless opportunities to grow and learn.

We are always looking for marketing and content giants to join our ever-growing consultancy.

It’s a golden opportunity for the agile marketeer striving for more out of their career.

Some consultancies will give you a desk, computer and battle plan. We prefer to do things a little differently…

Bright is built on a culture of feedback and learning. It underpins everything we do. We live and breathe continual improvement not just for clients, but for our own personal and team development. Fueled by a huge love of food, fun and a healthy dose of sass!

Zoe Merchant, MD, Bright

Because we operate in a hybrid way, you get the space you need to think, collaborate and grow.

Whether you’re working among our clients’ teams or you’re desk-sharing with a colleague from Bright Studio, you’re constantly encouraged to engage with new ideas and projects, so you can better advise our clients and keep adding to your knowledge bank.

We hire driven individuals with technology in their DNA and creativity up their sleeves. We look for storytellers and digital marketing enthusiasts who will jump on the opportunities offered to them – those who will put themselves forward for things that might be slightly outside their comfort zone. We then provide the support and advice you need to make sure you don’t fall.

So, whether you’re a content whizz, lead gen superhero or have a knack for data, there’s a place for you on the Bright team.

Sian HeaphyCareers