Marketing Effectiveness Assessment 

Uncover hidden growth potential

Align your marketing with your business goals, optimise your operations, and unlock the full potential of your marketing team.

In the high-stakes realm of B2B marketing, the path to success is fraught with complexity and unrelenting competition. It’s a world where focus & clarity cuts through chaos, strategy supersedes guesswork, and agility outmanoeuvres stagnation. Bright’s assessment is your ally in this mission, transforming risks into rewards and challenges into opportunities.

Are siloed operations clouding your market view?
Is disjointed customer engagement costing you leads?
Does inefficiency lurk in your marketing spend?

Senior marketers face these pressing challenges, where the demand for measurable business value has never been higher.

Our expert analysis dismantles the barriers to effectiveness and efficiency, aligning your marketing arsenal with the core objectives of revenue growth, operational efficiency and agility whilst building robust engagement with your key audiences.

We’re not just assessors; we’re your strategic consultants, discerning the potential that lies within your current practices and igniting the transformation that leads to impactful results.

Partnering with Bright was a revelation — within a remarkably short timeframe, they not only unravelled the complexities of our marketing approach but also set the stage for a more agile, responsive future. Their insights have been pivotal in optimizing our operations and positioning us to capitalize on market opportunities with unprecedented speed and precision.

Jay Milligan CEO, CCi

Why choose Bright’s effectiveness assessment?


Bespoke analysis
We tailor our assessment to your unique business context and strategic objectives, ensuring a customised roadmap to success

Comprehensive expertise
Our team of B2B experts has deep experience in evaluating marketing activities, operations, technology and data, and team skills

Actionable insights
We don’t just identify problems; we provide actionable recommendations for improvement, including practical steps for skill development, operational optimisation, and agile marketing adoption

Quantifiable impact
We work with you to quantify the potential impact and upside of our recommendations including cost savings, revenue generation, and efficiency gains.

What we assess:

Marketing activity and operations assessment

Evaluation of current marketing efforts, audience understanding, data, tools and technology

Skills and capability assessment

Review the marketing team’s skills in relation to strategic objectives

RevOps integration

Ensuring seamless collaboration between marketing, sales, and client success

Maturity and operating model review

Determining the current state and suggesting evolutions for enhanced agility and effectiveness

What you get:

  • Assessment report with findings and actionable recommendations

  • Quantifiable benefits detailing quick wins as well as mid to long term priorities to align and hit your business goals

  • Improvement roadmap with clear steps for operational and strategic enhancements

  • Skills / resource development and recommendations to fill capability gaps

  • Agile marketing activation plan, including change enablement

Unleashing your marketing ROI

Long term benefits

Cultivate marketing agility and best practices for sustained growth

Revenue boost

Enhance marketing effectiveness to attract and convert more leads, driving higher revenue

Cost savings

Identify and eliminate inefficiencies, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives

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