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Bright is different

Bright was born in January 2013, when Zoe, our Managing Director, decided to create a new kind of marketing consultancy. Born out of frustration with the lack of proactivity and agility amongst marketing agencies, Zoe created Bright to be the marketing consultancy that she would have loved to work with.

Today, the Bright team embeds new ways of working to inject agility and pace whilst transforming marketing teams and delivering results. We focus on truly understanding our clients, their environments and how they need to adapt to be successful and demonstrate results. This approach allows us to create, test and quickly deliver targeted marketing that is continually iterated and fine-tuned based on real data insights. Ultimately, we strive to help our clients accelerate their business growth with world-class marketing to bring their brand to life.

The Bright team is an incredibly smart and hard-working group of marketers. We are at the sharp end of B2B marketing, transforming and shaping growth marketing strategies and embedding agile ways of working that drive results and make a real business impact for our clients.

Zoe Merchant, MD, Bright
Bright agile marketing consultancy team

World leading agile marketing consultants

It goes without saying, every member of the Bright team is passionate about what they do, driven to deliver the best results for our clients. We are constantly curious about what we can learn from data and how where we can improve, striving to transform the way marketing works, embedding an agile approach along the way.

We work effectively within cross-functional teams to bring the right skills at the right time. The Bright team provides fresh ideas, creative solutions and the key skills needed to deliver marketing efficacy for our clients.

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