Effective communication underpins organisational change

If you want your transformation to be one of the 30% of change projects that actually succeeds, then you need to implement an effective change communications strategy.

Whether your team needs to embrace a new technology, be inspired by a new strategic direction, or be supported through a business restructure, without a carefully thought-out plan, and expertly crafted communications, your transformation will become one of the 70% of projects that ultimately fail.

Change comms strategy

Understand your objectives, key audiences and stakeholders, identify your internal change champions and establish a strategic communications plan that brings your audiences on the journey with you.

Message development

Develop focused messaging that clearly articulates your objectives and engages your audiences. Assess your existing communication channels, identifying which channels land best with your audiences.

Comms implementation

Create the communications and supporting assets that bring your strategy to life. We continually measure the effectiveness of our communications and iterate where needed for optimum impact.

Bright were able to get underneath the skin of the brand quickly and worked effectively with the internal team and other partners. They were proactive, responsive and very agile in their approach.

Kathie Gilley, Business Transformation Director, Atkins

Supporting your change strategy

Our communications experts are highly experienced in aligning change communications with the overall business objectives and strategy to gain buy-in across all levels of an organisations.

Alaina RobertsChange communications