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Marketing effectiveness reframe cards

Download your cards to reframe conversations and spark fresh perspectives. 

Reframe Cards are an easy-to-use tool intended to stimulate conversations within teams, encouraging them to reconsider strategies and tactics by prompting thought-provoking discussions.

These cards aim to foster transparency and collaboration by prompting team members to share their thoughts and ideas openly. They can be used in various settings such as team meetings, workshops, or planning sessions to focus on goal-oriented actions and results.

The cards are designed to infuse creativity and agile thinking into team communication, aiming to drive discussions towards actionable solutions. Specifically, the Marketing Effectiveness edition of these cards targets marketing teams, aiming to enhance their strategic capabilities and improve results.

Download the Marketing Effectiveness Reframe Cards

Ready to reframe your mindset and your conversations? Download your Reframe Cards today! 

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Alaina RobertsMarketing effectiveness reframe cards

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