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How to maximise your marketing effectiveness

Marketing leaders are faced with an ongoing barrage of challenges from fast-evolving AI to the pressure of achieving better results with fewer resources, as well as getting the most from your CDP investment and needing to balance short term KPIs with long term goals. We understand that marketing leadership is a tough job right now!
In our webinar on ‘How to maximise your marketing effectiveness’, our panel of B2B marketing experts address some of these key challenges, and share insights and practical solutions to address these issues – we’ll cover people, process, data and tech.

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Download your Marketing effectiveness reframe cards

Reframe Cards enable you and your team to have a different kind of conversation, re-think strategies or tactics and highlight learnings that you can take forward to optimise and generate better outcomes.

These Reframe Cards are focused on having conversations to help improve your marketing effectiveness, and empower your team to challenge their thinking. By changing their frame of mind to continually learn and grow, you can yield real business results and make a positive impact on your businesses bottom line.

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On-demand video on Maximising your marketing effectiveness

Watch to learn how to improve the impact of your marketing machine, including:
  • People: Improving ways of working, determining future skills and developing a growth culture
  • Process: Optimising your operating model to improve revenue and customer centricity.
  • Data: Achieving optimal RevOps and KPI setting
  • Tech: Maximising the value from your existing martech stack and optimising GenAI opportunities
You’ll also hear examples of how you can find hidden value within your existing marketing and how to prioritise your efforts for the biggest impact.
Our panel includes:
  • Emily Nicols, Group Marketing Director, Informa Markets
  • Sian Heaphy, Certified Agile Trainer and Director, Bright
  • Zoe Merchant, Managing Director, Bright

Meet the speakers

Emily Nicols

Group Marketing Director, Informa Markets

Emily Nicols is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for driving growth and creating impactful campaigns. As Group Marketing Director at Informa Markets, Emily has successfully implemented comprehensive marketing plans that have consistently delivered measurable results. 

Sian Heaphy

Accredited Agile Marketing Trainer and Director

Sian uses agile methods to encourage creativity, curiosity, and data-driven decisions in marketing. She works with teams to design experiments, gain insights, and achieve business goals. Sian promotes continuous improvement through experimentation and learning.

Zoë Merchant

Managing Director, Bright

Zoë is an agile marketing aficionado — a passionate believer in staying ahead of the competition with resilience, adaptability, and pace. After 20 years of delivering B2B marketing strategies. Using agile marketing to test, learn and build on success. Zoë leads the team in delivering results through continual and focused improvements to support clients’ business goals.

Alaina RobertsHow to maximise your marketing effectiveness

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