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From strategy to action: Effective and agile communication in leading organisational change


In our latest panel discussion we explore the vital role of communication in driving successful organisational change. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to effectively communicate strategies and engage stakeholders is paramount to achieving desired outcomes. We  delve into the intersection of strategy and action, offering practical insights and guidance on how to craft compelling messages, foster buy-in, and inspire action at all levels of the organisation. 

In this session, we cover: 

  • Linking effective change communication to business success 
  • The cost of communication failures 
  • Developing a strategic communication plan 
  • How to ensure communications land with employees and drive the change needed 
  • Measuring & showing value 
  • Examples of where communication has or is driving change 

Our panel includes:
  • Emma Sinden, Content & Communications Director, Taulia
  • Natalie Cannatella, Communications & Content Strategist, Bright 
  • Zoe Merchant, Managing Director, Bright

Meet the speakers

Emma Sinden

Content & Communications Director, Taulia 

Emma is a seasoned communications expert with a track record of collaborating with global leaders like Salesforce, Boston Consulting Group, Oracle, and Infosys. Now serving as Director of Content and Communications at Taulia (Part of SAP), she leverages her expertise in change management, communications, and marketing to deliver impactful programmes for clients, employees, and the business. 

Natalie Cannatella

Communications & Content Strategist, Bright 

Natalie is an experienced Content and Communications strategist from Bright. Shes delivered change communications programmes for global organisations including Jacobs, the Financial Times, Informa, Boston Consulting Group and BAE Systems. Natalie uses her blend of comms and content experience to craft effective strategies and clear, impactful communications that drive business change. 

Zoë Merchant

Managing Director, Bright

Zoë is an agile marketing aficionado — a passionate believer in staying ahead of the competition with resilience, adaptability, and pace. After 20 years of delivering B2B marketing strategies. Using agile marketing to test, learn and build on success. Zoë leads the team in delivering results through continual and focused improvements to support clients’ business goals.

Alaina RobertsFrom strategy to action: Effective and agile communication in leading organisational change

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