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Agile marketing leadership: Game plans

Agile marketing leadership: game plans

Our game plans are designed for those who want to build resilience and deliver game-changing marketing at pace. One page is all you need to increase ROI and transform your ways of working. Designed as an overview of the 30 minute bootcamp sessions, the topics cover everything from sprint leadership to building emotional connections in B2B.

The perfect tool if you want to optimise your marketing and inject agility without watching a full webinar.

Agile marketing campaigning

Download your checklist of critical success factors for you to reference and tick off when you’re putting together your agile marketing campaigning.

Vanity metrics

Identify your metrics from your KPIs. Your one page checklist to make sure you’re optimising your use of data to improve marketing performance.

Sprint leadership 

Learn how to run a sprint from planning through to retro, and see a clear breakdown of the sprint, metrics you should focus on and expert tips.

Transformative communications

 Discover our five top tips on how to drive cultural change in your organisation through communications.

Building an emotional connection in B2B

 See the top five ways you can evoke emotion and forge a strong connection with your buyers.

Unsticking your pipeline 

From TOFU to BOFU, find out what content will move your leads down your sales funnel and increase your pipeline velocity.

Personas and Buyer Journey Mapping

Everything you need to know to develop, transform or simply begin your personas and buyer journey maps.

Targeting Financial Services

There’s four key steps to targeting Financial Services effectively. Find out what they are in this one-page game plan.

To ABM or Not To ABM

Here’s your guide to kickstarting a successful ABM strategy from selecting accounts to refining propositions.

But is it compelling? Creating value propositions that convert

Learn how to create value propositions that help you convert your prospects into leads.

The rise of social selling and how to stand out

Stand out in what has become an increasingly saturated digital landscape with social selling.

Harness the power of community based marketing

Here’s your recipe for CBM – the ingredients you need to run a successful community.

Show me the money!

Quantify the value of your plans to secure senior buy in through crafting a compelling business case. 

Alexandra JefferiesAgile marketing leadership: Game plans

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