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Join our virtual leadership bootcamp to shape up and discover how and where marketing agility can help your team prioritise, build resilience and inject pace into your marketing. Sharpen your knowledge in 30-minute action-packed sessions to quickly get to grips with agile marketing best practice, and we’ll bring our legendary high energy to motivate and empower your people to succeed.

Each session covers agile marketing fundamentals, critical case studies and interviews with marketing leaders. Plus, you’ll get a post-session game plan to help you apply agile thinking to your team right away. Sign up today and get ready to:

  • Hear real stories on how agile marketing can help you be your best
  • Fuel new ideas to transform your marketing in high intensity sessions
  • Explore culture and change management that leaves a lasting legacy
  • Network with peers and connect with leading agile marketing experts

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Check out our upcoming bootcamp sessions and register below. Spaces are limited and attendance is by confirmation only— don’t wait to sign up today!

Prep like a boss: Why the future of B2B marketing is agile

Join the hustle

Marketing agility isn’t just a trend. Join us at one of our live bootcamps to discover and learn more.

What is agile marketing?


We cut the techno-waffle and breakdown the fundamentals of the methodology, what it means to you, and how to put agile marketing into action!

On demand events

Catch up on past bootcamps with our on demand recordings and download your game plan to get started.

Articulate your value

On Demand Event

Create value propositions that help you convert your prospects into leads

Marketing Revolution in Fintech

On Demand Event

In Conversation With…

 Digital Transformation Leader Alistair Bennett.

Communications: Transformative comms to drive cultural change

On-Demand Event

Your team are the driving force moving your business forward — harness their power with the right comms.

Agile marketing campaigning: Seizing opportunities through data insights

On-Demand Event

Fast, agile and measurable campaigns are the most effective way to test, learn and build on success.

Don’t be fooled by vanity metrics 

On-Demand Event

Data-driven insights are your key to continuous improvement and optimisation.

Building an emotional connection in B2B

On-Demand Event

Establishing emotional connections are at the very heart of the B2B decision making process.

Unsticking your pipeline

On-Demand event

Learn how to engage your leads at every stage of the buyer journey and keep them moving down your sales funnel.

Personas and buyer journey mapping

 On-Demand Event

In our second to last bootcamp of 2020, we uncovered our tips and tricks to developing maps that pack a punch.

Targeting financial services 

On-Demand Event

We’re sharing our knowledge on the common pitfalls that businesses fall into when working with companies in the financial service industry. 

Account based marketing

On-Demand Event

ABM is a core marketing strategy for B2B. As pressure mounts to show results from this investment, it’s important to overcome the challenges and obstacles.

Value proposition development

On-Demand Event

Learn how to create value propositions that help you convert your prospects into leads.

The rise of social selling and how to stand out

On-Demand Event

 In an increasingly crowded social landscape, find out how to stand out, engage your prospects and build meaningful relationships. 

Harness the power of community-based marketing

On-Demand Event

Catch up on our first ever round table where we were joined by community based marketing expert Charles Thiede from Zapnito.

The Power of Resilience

On-Demand Event

Stay sharp, strong and ready. Join us to hear from over 150 experienced B2B marketers on how they are set to thrive in 2021.

Get more from your marketing partner

On-Demand Event

Hear from expert Andy Bargery, Agency Squared, on how best to prep for and choose the right marketing partner.

Show me the money!

On-Demand Event

Learn how to create a cast iron marketing business case to win over your senior leadership team.

Get to the heart of your customers’ needs

On Demand Event

We’ll uncover our top tips and tricks to developing personas and buyer journey maps that pack a punch.

Smash your sprints

On-Demand Event

Sprints are your key to embedding agile ways of working. Learn how to break down complex long-term strategies into short-term, bite-sized goals.

Cut through the noise with savvy social selling 

On Demand Event

In an increasingly crowded social landscape, find out how to stand out, engage your prospects and build meaningful relationships. 

B2B: Human to Human

On demand event

Discover how to build an emotional connection in B2B and get the the heart of the decision making process.

Sprint leadership: Prioritising activity to meet KPIs

On-Demand Event

Break down long-term strategies into short-term, bite-sized goals.

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