Personas and buyer journey mapping game plan

Creating useful, highquality user personas can be time consuming, expensive and, if we’re honest, a bit of a pain. You may find yourself cutting corners just to get it donebut this in turn leads to a flawed understanding of your audience that just won’t cut the mustard. 

The knock-on to this, of course, is a poorly designed buyer journey that fails to generate content or comms that ignite interest, create excitement or instil brand loyalty. Ultimately, you’ve left your customers without a compelling reason to use or buy your product or service. 

So, let’s turn it around. Download your one-page game plan to transform your personas and buyer journey into content-building, lead-generating machines for your B2B marketing.

Understand how to: 

  • How to best start personas and journey development 
  • Tips for mapping out your work in helpful visualisations  
  • Ways to make the most of your personas and buyer journey 
  • Why you need to validate your learnings with agile marketing 

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Download your game plan

Alexandra JefferiesAgile marketing bootcamp: Personas and buyer journey mapping – game plan