2021 survey report

The power of resilience

How B2B marketers are thriving in 2021

2021 B2B marketing report

Well done to B2B marketers everywhere. Throughout the pandemic, you have stood strong against massive disruption and unexpected challenges. We asked how marketers sharpened up their approach to survive, and their insight revealed some key lessons that will change how we adapt and respond in the future. To  thrive in 2021, B2B marketers must stay on top of the following 5 trends.

Adapt with confidence

Over 150 B2B marketers told us how they won the uphill battle in 2020. Find out what you can do to shape up your marketing for the future.

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Agility leads the way

Change is the only constant in marketing. Those who equip their teams with agile marketing processes, quality insights and analysis tools are better able to respond and adapt at pace.


achieved faster time-to-market with agile methodology

No. 1

lesson of 2020 was the importance of adaptability


adopted agility to respond faster and adapt at pace

How will you make adaptability a priority?

Customer experience takes the spotlight


said the customer experience was one of their top 3 priorities

No. 2

lesson of 2020 was that customer centricity drives retention and ROI


battled new customer needs and rapid change in demand

How will you understand changing customer needs?

Content reigns supreme

Content went data-driven in 2020. Test your messaging, delve into your insights and try different channels to help you better connect and highlight your value to the customer in tough times.


harnessed agility to confidently create content during the pandemic crisis


highlighted content strategy and value propositions as one of their top 3 priorities

1 in 2

 traditional marketers want to feel more confident creating content in 2021

How will you make your content more customer centric? 

Data drives decision making

No. 1

 hurdle to overcoming downturn was learning to use data to respond proactively


of agile marketers felt more empowered to make data-driven business decisions


of traditional marketers want to make better use of their data to respond to ongoing disruption

How will you use data to show the value of your marketing?

Ingenuity pays off

No. 1

challenge of 2020 was reduced budget and resource


of agile marketers said streamlined processes gave them an advantage


feel positive about the future of B2B marketing

How will you do more with less in 2021?

Unlock your potential with agility

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