Ready to propel your marketing to the next level with Generative AI?

At Bright, we empower businesses to seamlessly integrate the prowess of GenAI into their marketing strategies. Through agile marketing practices, we ensure a secure and efficient adoption of AI-driven solutions tailored to your needs.  

Our expertise lies in identifying high-impact AI tools, executing proof-of-concept campaigns, and guiding you in scaling AI adoption with agility. Partner with us to transform your B2B marketing landscape. 

Greater efficiency

AI helps marketing teams work smarter and get more from your marketing resources & budget

Stronger customer relationships

Increased personalisation and better targeting strengthens customer relationships and improves quality of leads 

Improved ROI

AI supports full customer lifecycle marketing including optimised content and timing of messaging, as well as improved measurement to capture ROI


Increased creativity

AI enhances creativity with new ideas & tools whatever the channel or medium

AI Activation kit

Download our activation kit for tools and use cases to kick start your AI journey.

Services to accelerate your adoption of AI

Set up your business and team to safely navigate and harness the power of fast evolving marketing AI through the use of Agile methodologies.

AI Adoption strategy

Identify where AI can boost your marketing and how you can gain the most value

AI Activation

Use agile as a framework to activate the adoption of AI in a campaign or project to test and evaluate across real-life scenarios

Metrics and measures

Measure and quantify the efficiency gains from using AI tools to support wider usage and adoption.

Framework for scaling AI

Develop your implementation framework including changes to existing operating model and establish experimentation frameworks to enable teams to autonomously test different AI solutions.

AI Governance

Define policy on usage and establish guardrails. Prepare your approach, manage change and track performance, sustain outcomes

Build the business case

Identify requirements, demonstrate value based on the proof-of-concept campaign and demonstrate the ROI.

There are significant benefits in moving from a traditional way of marketing in a fast-paced digital world to a much more nimble and agile manner.

Mark Breslin, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Informa Tech

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