80% of new video tech adoption thanks to agile employee engagement programme

Driving change through an agile approach to employee engagement

BCG came to Bright midway through its 5-year digital transformation programme, initially requiring communications and employee engagement support for the global rollout of its online video conferencing solution.

Ensuring full adoption of new tech

The aim was to ensure employees fully adopted the service, and reliance on a legacy audio only tool was significantly reduced. Over time this engagement developed to include communications support for other technology rollouts including desktop software updates and new laptop devices.

A strategic communications programme needs to sit alongside the digital transformation, designed to engage employees and bring them on the transformation journey from start to end.

Communicating the vision

Bright identified the need to articulate and communicate the overall digital transformation message to the employees. Clear and direct messaging from the CIO’s office outlining the overall digital strategy was developed, alongside dedicated communications and training. This was to support the roll out of new technologies and services being delivered.

Bright is a group of very smart and talented people. They helped me develop numerous strategies and the quality of their work has always been very high.

Christof Reckagel, Global Data Management Director, BCG

How agile communications drove results

Bright approached this project using an agile way of working to align with the business outcomes and track progress against KPI, tactics included:

  • Creating internal brand around the new technologies for people to connect with
  • Ongoing training program delivered via self-help guides, in-person or online training sessions and video tutorials
  • Measuring how communications landed and proactively react to feedback quickly and openly
  • Launch announcements and assets to create initial excitement demonstrated visual communication resulted in better retention of information
  • Finding ambassadors, usually early adopters of the technology – people are more influenced by their peers
  • Provide regular updates on progress and be honest about any bumps in the road


1500 employees enabled with video conferencing

80% usage of video conferencing tool

411 increase to Devices microsite in first month of comms programme

85% of employees very satisfied or satisfied with their new device

Sian Heaphy80% of new video tech adoption thanks to agile employee engagement programme