Developing a strong, differentiating brand identity

Rebranding Service Integrators to Unifii

Unifii is a ServiceNow automation and integration specialist but had been so busy doing what they do – helping clients align their technology with business goals – that they hadn’t aligned their own brand with their core values.

They came to us to help them develop a strong, differentiating brand identity that does justice to their key offerings: Innovation, Integration and Implementation.

The Project

Through discovery, environmental analysis and proposition messaging development Bright identified a need for a complete rebrand of Service Integrators. We brought the new Unifii branding to life with a fresh, flexible visual identity, which was adaptable across printed and digital media.

The new visual had people at the heart of its design – creating a feeling of inclusiveness and trust. We wove this into a full new branding positioning, visual identify, messaging framework and tone of voice.

This theme was driven by a proposition workshop that delved into the particulars of the brand. With the voice of stakeholders and market research at the pinnacle of these talks, we created one unified and modern identity that triggered the right emotional and business response from Unifii’s audience.


We approached Bright in need of a fresh, clean brand identity that encompassed our brand offerings and represented where the brand was going. And that was exactly what they delivered. Bright came onboard and completed a comprehensive workshop that uncovered exactly what we wanted our new branding to say. They then gave life to our branding by redeveloping our website and creating a suite of supporting materials.

Marketing Materials & Branding Guidelines

To complete the project, we developed a content rich campaign consisting of an integrated mix of marketing and sales support materials – all written from the new tone of voice.

Using a three-colour palette, we created a  clean and simple branding that was flexible and adaptable across all communications.

Marketing Materials


Our clients and partners have been incredibly positive since the launch and the new branding has been adopted in all aspects of the business. Working with the Bright team has been very enjoyable, and we really appreciate their professionalism and dedication throughout the project.

47% increase of website traffic from LinkedIn

43% uplift in page view by the second month