Embedding a strategic vision with change communications

A global engineering firm launched a new internal strategy to optimise their ways of working. They needed support to bring their strategic vision to life, and focused on identifying effective ways to educate, inform, and engage individuals.

The challenge

This global engineering firm, with over 60,000 employees, wanted to make significant changes to the ways of working across its business. It needed to engage the workforce to ensure that the new strategic vision was embraced and embedded to improve productivity and efficiency.

They needed an effective change communications strategy to educate, inform and engage their workforce to ensure the successful and sustainable adoption of the changes.

271 weekly visitors to dedicated microsite (on average)​

60% attendance to the first training session, with more viewing the recording after the live session ​

10+ written case studies created, showcasing the value

The solution

Following an agile methodology, we worked at pace to create an effective communications strategy that could be optimised in response to continuous feedback. We were able to form a cross-functional team, to ensure the strategy implemented was aligned to the overarching business objectives.

  • Completed a detailed discovery phase, created a communication strategy and roadmap
  • Educated teams through bitesize training sessions
  • Shared surveys to evaluate individuals’ level of understanding and engagement
  • Created a hub of information and developed creative communications to stand-out against the noise

The results

Successful engagement from the activity was evidenced through the interactions with the communications.

  • 271 weekly visitors to the dedicated microsite (on average)
  • 60% attendance to the first training session, with more viewing the recording after the live session 
  • 10+ written case studies created, showcasing the value 


This leading global engineering firm was able to influence and engage its workforce to embrace and embed new ways of working through the development of a well-researched, structured and targeted change communications strategy. The results of this successful change delivered value to the business through efficiency and productivity gains.

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Alaina RobertsTransforming the adoption of new ways of working through change communications