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Value proposition development launched within 4 weeks thanks to agile ways of working.

Value proposition development launched within 4 weeks thanks to agile ways of working.

Rapid launch of a new value proposition


TECHNIA wanted to quickly define, develop and launch a Cloud based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application solution. The market was moving towards cloud first deployments so time was of the essence. TECHNIA needed to safeguard its existing client base, migrate them to the cloud offering and expand into new accounts globally. It needed to take an agile marketing approach to drive it forward.

Bright was engaged to run a rapid proposition development process with the objective of a minimum viable launch within four weeks. It was important to align the needs and requirements of its 12 territories and bring together multiple stakeholders for the launch to be a success.


The project was broken into sprints so that it was easy to iterate and collaborate with the TECHNIA team and keep the project moving at pace. A combination of market research and perception interviews were used to benchmark the current offering and define the new proposition. Validation was undertaken at key stages to ensure messaging resonated and engaged the target audience.

Bright delivered a go to market strategy to help TECHNIA launch the proposition quickly and took a test, learn and improve approach to quickly understand performance of the launch positioning and messaging. Sales enablement was supported by toolkits including microsite and sales collaterals to support consistency across the global territories.

They understand how to use agile marketing to bring together key stakeholders, create allies and get projects done at pace in a global organisation.

Ghassan Sultan, CMO

Defined value proposition in market within 4 weeks

TECHNIA’s new cloud application was successful launched to market within four weeks, other benefits include:

Introduced agile ways of working to rapidly introduce a new proposition into market and continual improvement

Roadmap for global and local launch, bringing together multiple stakeholders to support and align to go to market strategy across key territories

Snappy, sharp and value led messaging and content to engage leads and convert them faster.

Sian HeaphyValue proposition development launched within 4 weeks thanks to agile ways of working.
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Rebranding for logistics consultancy

Rebranding for logistics consultancy

Agile marketing from scratch

Flo Group (formerly MavenWire) delivers transportation consulting services and solutions to large global firms. They aim to improve logistics and support the evolution of the supply chain across a wide range of industries – from retail to manufacturing.

MavenWire had the credentials and the experience as a market leader, but struggled to communicate effectively to its target audiences, who were difficult-to-reach senior decision makers.

Bright were engaged to create an agile marketing strategy for MavenWire to transition its brand to Flo, create a new identity, build reputation in the EMEA region and differentiate itself in the market to better engage the right prospects, build strong alliance relationships and attracting new talent.

Creating a brand identity and brand voice

Bright formed an agile marketing hub including subject matter experts, data and reporting specialists, project sponsor and Flo’s existing marketing resources to develop a strategic roadmap and use an iterative agile marketing approach for activity execution – focusing on the website and the core collaterals to support business development.

Initially, Bright created a joint brand identity to showcase MavenWire and Flo’s expertise, elevating it to a market leadership position in preparation for the transition to Flo Group. Starting with creating a website built upon clear, consistent messaging and a clean look. The website was validated with key audiences, so that only the successful elements were retained whilst reworking areas of underperformance.

New content and messaging drove search engine traffic, supported by a social media campaign and other marketing activities, resulting in increased time spent on the website and greater social following from key audiences.

A consistent brand voice was woven through the off line collateral to support the business development process via sales toolkits and to use at events. Up-to-date case studies gave the brand visible credentials to approach the right decision makers and provide evidence of success.

Once the foundation marketing was underway, a demand generation strategy was developed based on campaigns to build pipeline for key go-to market propositions.

Bright created a marketing foundation for Flo Group by implementing a strong brand identity and driving multichannel demand campaigns, that delivered results that supported our business goals.

Barry Hayes, CEO

Driving further demand

The campaigns were designed to deliver fast results and used agile marketing to quickly execute, gather feedback, validate and restructure the propositions in order to best exploit market demand and maximise response. Bright also proactively used this approach with Flo’s alliance partners such as Descartes, Oracle, FourKites and Flexis to quickly develop and execute joint campaigns to drive further demand.

Bright added value to Flo’s annual conference presence by bringing consistency to communication outreach prior to, at and post events. This was combined with identifying, following up and nurturing new opportunities with key prospects.

After feedback and research, Bright recommended creating a stronger event and market presence through adding video content to explain complex ideas in an accessible format, create higher impact and drive engagement.

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Sian HeaphyRebranding for logistics consultancy
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Engaging creative comms

Engaging creative comms

Creative communications to build rapport

Fluxx is an innovation company, creating new products and services to drive growth for some of the UK’s largest companies, such as John Lewis, Lloyds Bank and More Than insurance. Fluxx offer a unique blend of creativity and practical intelligence to help brands to develop original ideas and deliver digital products and services that are both innovative and highly lucrative.

Marketing performance improvement

Fluxx was exhibiting real potential and already held an impressive client list, but, operating in an increasingly competitive industry, was keen to build on its market share. Its team was eager to establish a systematic marketing approach that would help them to be consistent in their promotional activities and support business growth.

Fluxx’s priority was to educate its target markets on the value of innovation and the role that Fluxx plays as a catalyst and strategic creative partner. Focused on communicating its point of view through thought leadership, case studies and analysis. For this it needed to establish regular and effective contact to build lasting relationships with clients, prospects and key influencers in this space.

Bright helped Fluxx get a targeted and effective marketing program up and running, fast. We kicked off the programme with a perception audit to identify and shape the messaging that resonates among customers, prospects and employees. Working alongside Fluxx’s internal team we used this to shape and support regular content production to augment the existing marketing efforts.

The road to success

The UX and fresh content was developed for the Fluxx website and promoted across multiple social channels. Bright also established a monthly e-newsletter ‘What the Fluxx’ that publicised the latest content and nurtured an increasingly engaged network. Fluxx events were (and still are) legendary, bringing together industry business leaders through unique themes and positioning to create lively debate.

Alongside this we worked to clean up the Fluxx target database by extracting data from the company’s existing system. Analysing the information to create a list of target accounts and contact information, which was cleansed, segmented, and shared with the Fluxx team. It was clear a CRM was necessary for proper management of their data, Bright supported finding the right CRM and establish best practice usage of martech tools and reporting.

Establishing connections within the target market

The communications and data strategy enabled Fluxx to establish connections within their target markets and delivered measurable benefits:

Enhanced brand awareness through consistent creation and promotion of high-quality content.

Improved brand engagement demonstrated by people spending longer on the website, better engagement across social channels and email and an upsurge in recruitment enquiries.

Embedded reporting and improved martech usage, including a new CRM support marketing activity, sales pipeline reporting and ensure rapid follow up with hot prospects.

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Sian HeaphyEngaging creative comms
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Agile marketing drives repositioning

Agile marketing drives repositioning

Perception as a spring board for repositioning

Founded in 2005, Mint Digital helps companies create and grow standout digital products and services. As the digital landscape has changed, Mint Digital has adapted and evolved to meet its demands. International expansion and the launch of new services meant the company had diversified and the senior team were keen to find out how this had impacted perception of them in the market.

Key to the project was that Mint Digital ended up with refreshed compelling, credible and up-to-date positioning messaging, that would give them a strong platform to drive the business forward.

The team at Bright were great to work with and very professional. The diagnostic was insightful, and the final workshop rounded everything off, helping us to shape our core messages.

Noam Sohachevsky, Director

Digging deeper into perception

Bright conducted a perception audit using an agile marketing approach to get maximum value and insight quickly. The perception audit focused on interviews with key customers, prospects and influencers. Using a customised series of questions that iterated and evolved with each piece of feedback. The questionnaire explored perceptions around the brand including strengths, perceived weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Once the responses had been collected and collated, they formed the basis of a positioning and messaging session facilitated by Bright. The session used the key areas of strength and opportunity as the basis for a messaging architecture to take them forward in future.

Customer centric messaging

The perception audit, messaging workshop and the architecture created from its findings, enabled Mint Digital to align its messages to its audiences’ needs creating a customer centric approach and provided the following business benefits:

  • Insight into what its target audience really thought
  • Identified new market entrant opportunities
  • Valuable and actionable feedback to sharpen its delivery
  • Compelling, credible and up to date messaging
  • Repositioning strategy
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Sian HeaphyAgile marketing drives repositioning
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Developing a strong brand identity

Developing a strong brand identity

Injecting agility into creating a strong brand identity

Unifii is a ServiceNow automation and integration specialist but had been so busy doing what they do – helping clients align their technology with business goals – that they hadn’t aligned their own brand with their core values and offerings.

They came to us to help them develop a strong, differentiating brand identity that does justice to their key offerings – innovation, integration and implementation.

Our clients and partners have been incredibly positive since the launch and the new branding has been adopted across all aspects of our business. Working with the Bright team has been very enjoyable, we really appreciate their professionalism and dedication throughout the project.

Stephen Mamelok, Director

Fast forward to a rebrand with agility and pace

Using a sprint based approach to market research discovery, environmental analysis and proposition messaging development Bright identified a need for a complete rebrand of Service Integrators. We brought the new Unifii brand to life with a fresh, flexible visual identity.

The new visual identity had people at the heart of its design – creating a feeling of inclusiveness and trust. We used agile marketing to weave this into a full new branding positioning, visual identify, messaging framework and tone of voice – testing, learning and improving to create the final brand outputs.

This theme was driven by a proposition workshop that delved into the particulars of the brand. With the voice of stakeholders and market research as the foundation for the workshops we created one unified and modern identity that triggered the right emotional and business response from Unifii’s target audience.

Brand foundation and playbook

We test the new brand we developed a content rich campaign strategy deploying an integrated mix of marketing and sales support materials using the new tone of voice and visual identity.

Using a three-colour palette, we created clean and simple branding that was flexible and adaptable across all communications. Backed up with brand guidelines and a messaging playbook to safeguard the new identity and positioning. The results speak for themselves:


47% increase of website traffic from LinkedIn

43% uplift in page views

Validate messaging and identity using agile marketing to test, learn and improve throughout the development process.

Sian HeaphyDeveloping a strong brand identity
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80% of new video tech adoption thanks to agile employee engagement programme

80% of new video tech adoption thanks to agile employee engagement programme

Driving change through an agile approach to employee engagement

BCG came to Bright midway through its 5-year digital transformation programme, initially requiring communications and employee engagement support for the global rollout of its online video conferencing solution.

Ensuring full adoption of new tech

The aim was to ensure employees fully adopted the service, and reliance on a legacy audio only tool was significantly reduced. Over time this engagement developed to include communications support for other technology rollouts including desktop software updates and new laptop devices.

A strategic communications programme needs to sit alongside the digital transformation, designed to engage employees and bring them on the transformation journey from start to end.

Communicating the vision

Bright identified the need to articulate and communicate the overall digital transformation message to the employees. Clear and direct messaging from the CIO’s office outlining the overall digital strategy was developed, alongside dedicated communications and training. This was to support the roll out of new technologies and services being delivered.

Bright is a group of very smart and talented people. They helped me develop numerous strategies and the quality of their work has always been very high.

Christof Reckagel, Global Data Management Director, BCG

How agile communications drove results

Bright approached this project using an agile way of working to align with the business outcomes and track progress against KPI, tactics included:

  • Creating internal brand around the new technologies for people to connect with
  • Ongoing training program delivered via self-help guides, in-person or online training sessions and video tutorials
  • Measuring how communications landed and proactively react to feedback quickly and openly
  • Launch announcements and assets to create initial excitement demonstrated visual communication resulted in better retention of information
  • Finding ambassadors, usually early adopters of the technology – people are more influenced by their peers
  • Provide regular updates on progress and be honest about any bumps in the road


1500 employees enabled with video conferencing

80% usage of video conferencing tool

411 increase to Devices microsite in first month of comms programme

85% of employees very satisfied or satisfied with their new device

Sian Heaphy80% of new video tech adoption thanks to agile employee engagement programme
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