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Marketing Retrospective 2023 Webinar

Where effectiveness equates to competitive advantage, the application of agile marketing has become a key framework for B2B marketing leaders focused on improving their strategic impact in 2024.

In this webinar, we have brought together leaders in agile marketing to reflect on the learnings and successes from 2023. Watch the webinar to discover how you can embrace new techniques to enhance your B2B marketing outcomes in 2024.

Our experts dive into practical strategies around the following themes:

👉 Streamline operations and decision-making through agile adoption for effective marketing.
👉 Leverage data to optimise marketing strategies and showcase their value.
👉 Elevate marketing relevance through personalised interactions with your audience.
👉 Build brand consistency to drive loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.
👉 Foster a culture of experimentation for high-impact strategies and continuous improvement.

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Meet the speakers

Jim Ewel

Co-Founder and Author, Agile Marketing Alliance

Jim is an Agile marketing pioneer who has guided over 70 organisations in adopting Agile practices. He helped create the first Agile Marketing certification and authored ‘The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing’

Zoë Merchant

Managing Director, Bright

Zoë is an agile marketing aficionado — a passionate believer in staying ahead of the competition with resilience, adaptability, and pace. After 20 years of delivering B2B marketing strategies. Using agile marketing to test, learn and build on success. Zoë leads the team in delivering results through continual and focused improvements to support clients’ business goals.

Kirsten Dixon

Marketing Performance Director, Informa

Kirsten is an experienced Marketing Performance Director, leading the EMEA Marketing team for Informa Markets. She is responsible for driving marketing effectiveness across the company’s diverse portfolio of markets and products.

Sian Heaphy

Accredited Agile Marketing Trainer and Director

Sian uses agile methods to encourage creativity, curiosity, and data-driven decisions in marketing. She works with teams to design experiments, gain insights, and achieve business goals. Sian promotes continuous improvement through experimentation and learning.

Paul KeeganMarketing Retrospective 2023 Webinar

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