Building an emotional connection in B2B

Emotional connections are at the very heart of the B2B decision-making process

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Struggling to establish the all-important emotional connection with your B2B customers? Want to differentiate yourself from the competition, or maybe you’re keen to evoke the right decision-making emotion? 

Establishing emotional connections are at the very heart of the B2B decision-making process. In fact, around 90% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, based on emotion rather than logic, and the solution for B2B marketers is to truly understand the needs of customers and how to meet them. Get inspired in this high intensity session focused on: 

  • How emotion plays its part in B2B decision-making 
  • How to emotionally engage your customers 
  • How to evoke the right emotions 

If you don’t have time to watch the full bootcamp, you can scan through our one-page agile game plan to help you get started and optimise your ways of working. 

Agile marketing expert speakers

Matthew Homewood, Director

Matthew is the master of emotion in B2B marketing, having masterminded and delivered campaigns for many B2B clients. He will bring his know-how around how to build emotional connections with your customers and give you the tools you need to evoke and engage.

Zoe Merchant, Managing Director

Zoe is a leading expert in how to build emotional connections to influence decision making in B2B. In this session, Zoe will coach you through how to use emotion to engage your customers, evoke emotion and influence decisions.

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Alexandra JefferiesAgile marketing bootcamp: Emotional Connection in B2B