Spark success with Agile Marketing training

Unite your teams, ignite transformation, and drive growth

Spark your future success with our action-based training that will upgrade and accelerate your marketing, drive team collaboration, and align their objectives with your business goals. Our training instills the Bright ways of working embedding agility, curiosity, empowerment and spirit. Our tried and tested approach based on our own marketing work drives lasting change.

Accelerate your journey to greater marketing agility

Agile marketing training courses for marketers by marketers

Introduction to agile marketing

One day bootcamp to kick start your team’s journey to agile

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Agile marketing full training course

Get your team IC Agile accredited with this 5-module deep dive into agile marketing

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Agile marketing leadership training

Develop the capabilities and competencies to be agile leaders for your team and organisation

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Ready to understand how to get started with agile marketing?

Realise the business benefits of adopting an agile approach to marketing

Get more from your marketing efforts, improve campaign performance and energise your team.

Change management

We’ll manage and support your team’s journey towards transformation with better adoption of technology and team collaboration.

Agile skills are scarce 

Our training delivers skills that are hard to acquire in the market, supporting your team’s development and assisting you with talent acquisition and retention.

Accelerate your strategy

Embed an agile culture now to accelerate your digital transformation and set yourself up for accelerated growth.

Our training courses are an immersive experience working with our energetic marketing practitioners to instil agile ways of working into daily practice. As pioneers in agile marketing we help transform marketing teams to drive real change and impact in the efficiency of marketing ops and the effectiveness of marketing activity.

Zoe Merchant, Managing Director, Bright
Lauren HeimsothAgile Marketing Training