Agile Marketing Training Course

Agility in marketing

Our team of expert B2B agile marketing practitioners inspire businesses to think and act differently; embrace curiosity and use data insights to continually test, learn and improve, with the customer at the heart of marketing activity.

We provide agile marketing training which transforms strategy, process, and culture across the whole business.

As these businesses grow and scale, they need to ensure that agile marketing ways of working are embedded to drive sustainable change ensuring the business adopts the principles, mindset and practices of agile marketing to fit the right balance that works for their business and to support the delivery of services.

Our accredited course

Accredited by ICAgile, we’re proud to bring this course to marketing and drive the agile marketing knowledge across the B2B marketing community.

Operational efficiency improvement

We’ll manage and support your team’s journey towards transformation with better adoption of technology and team collaboration.

Ignite your team 

Our agile marketing practitioners empower these marketing teams to learn by doing, from principles to practice, providing hands-on experience of applying agile marketing principles to real work in real-time.

Uncover marketing ROI

Embed an agile culture now to accelerate your digital transformation and set yourself up for accelerated growth.

Who is ICAgile 

ICAgile’s vision is that organizations around the world enable and inspire everyone in them to create a better future for those around them. 

ICAgile believes that an organization’s journey toward business agility requires shifts to an empowered, human-centric culture that sparks creativity and innovation. Learning has the power to transform people and, by extension, establish this culture that enables people to create a better future for their customers, employees, partners, and more. Therefore:

ICAgile’s mission is to create transformational learning that ignites agility across organizations.

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Module overview

Getting agile

The guiding principles of agile marketing, how to get started and how to embrace the test, learn and build principles

Change makers

Securing leadership and stakeholder buy-in, managing change and how to overcome barriers to drive success

Audience development

Managing and converting audiences at each stage of the journey – from prospect, to audience and client marketing

Reducing friction

Optimising and making best use of existing tools and tech effectively to measure and learn from data and insights

Agile marketing in action

How to run projects the agile way. From forming a cross functional team and KPI setting to planning, running short experiment cycles and overcoming barriers at pace

Meet our agile marketing accredited trainers

Sian Heaphy

Providing her deep expertise in agile, data, experimentation and continual improvement and its practical application across marketing teams.

Lydia Kirby

Bringing her expert facilitation skills, energetic attitude, and deep understanding of the application of agile marketing at scale to this core training course.

Sian HeaphyAgile Marketing Training Course