Power to the Marketers 

Introduction to Agile Marketing

Level up: one day training bootcamp  

Empower your marketers with agile marketing skills

Boost your team’s agility with Bright’s agile marketing bootcamp. Run by our team of B2B agile marketing practitioners, a practical, tailored training day to enable your team in new ways of working to increase agility, efficiency and marketing effectiveness. We help marketers:

  • Work smarter – making the most of what they have
  • Implement experimentation and continual improvement to maximise marketing effectiveness
  • Use data to inform decision making
  • Demonstrate results and ROI at pace
  • More easily adapt to market forces

What does the bootcamp cover? 

The agile marketing bootcamp helps you master the fundamentals of agile marketing and allows you to put agile into action while having open access to a mentor who will guide and assist you through the process.

Getting agile:

Understanding the agile marketing fundamentals and how it supports your business 

Agile marketing in action​:

The practical application of agile marketing – sprints, standup, retros and how you can apply it in your environment

Customer focused:

Develop your audiences and drive customer centricity with agile marketing

Data and experimentation:

Ensure continuous improvement with test, learn & optimise cycles

Embed agile marketing:

How to adopt agile ways of working and sustainable change

Benefits of the bootcamp 

This hands-on and practical approach to agile marketing training will enable you to tailor and embed agile marketing principles quickly into your organisation. Increasing collaboration, data-driven decision making and providing demonstrable results of the impact and outcomes of your marketing effort and investment.

Why marketing agility is your new superpower

Demonstrate results and ROI through working in a lean and agile way

Scalable marketingmodel to adapt tomarket change

Independent and cross-functional agileteams, aligned to businessgoals  

Work in ‘test, learn and improve’ sprint cycles to provide fast feedback loops 

Clarity on roles, responsibilities, targeted outcomes, and metrics 

Become more efficient and productive – prioritising what matters

Stay focused and aligned to strong customer focused targets 

Encourage curiosity and experimentation at brand, local and central levels

Reduce risk and control budget – make better decisions and adapt at speed 

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