Lead generation for cloud application

Lead generation campaign success!


TECHNIA wanted to validate and launch their hybrid cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool to generate pipeline within the UK and Nordic markets as well as develop its relationship with its cloud partner Dassault Systemes.


Bright proposed an agile marketing campaign, integrating LinkedIn prospecting, social advertising and email marketing activities to drive the desired outcomes. Majoring on the key challenges many manufacturing with existing cloud-based and on-premise solutions face. Bright created demand and built pipeline for TECHNIA’s services, through a Gartner industry report validating their offering.

Bright focused on reaching outside TECHNIA’s known market, to drive demand from new prospects. To move the campaign forward at pace, Bright got off to a fast start by repurposing existing TECHNIA content and visuals to bring the campaign to life.

They understand how to use agile marketing to bring together key stakeholders, create allies and get projects done at pace in a global organisation.

Ghassan Sultan, CMO

Building qualified opportunities at pace

Proved viability of hybrid cloud proposition, creating an engaged database of contacts within target accounts with strong pipeline.

At the close of campaign:

  • 524 leads generated
  • 70 Report downloads
  • 17 meetings booked
  • 1 identified opportunity

Increased brand awareness in UK and Nordics and strengthening joint partner marketing opportunities

Sian HeaphyLead generation for cloud application