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Agile marketing transformation

Agile marketing transformation

Agile marketing transformation programme


Softwire are a well established and innovative software engineering firm. With ambitious growth plans the leadership team wanted to understand how marketing could contribute best to supporting their business goals.

Softwire are traditional in their structure, with a business development sales team and dedicated marketing team focused on events, online and communication outreach. The leadership team wanted to understand the maturity of the marketing function and how they could best invest to create a marketing team that could adapt and move at pace to meet market change and scale as the business grew. They wanted to create a consistent approach to lead generation, try new tactics and use agile ways of working to get better results, help the in-house gain new experience and develop a culture of curiosity and continual improvement.


Bright ran a marketing diagnostic to assess and understanding Softwire’s marketing performance, results and capabilities. Working in conjunction with the in-house team to gather data, understand current marketing effectiveness and dig into the operational and martech barriers they faced. Whilst understanding the state of Softwire’s key markets, the competitive landscape and exploring perception of the Softwire brand through perception interviews with key contacts in clients, prospect accounts and channel partners.

Bright ran a number of workshops with senior stakeholders internally at Softwire to further understand key stakeholder experience of working with the marketing team, strengths and weaknesses and what marketing support would be best deployed to support business goals in future.

The diagnostic findings were synthesised and pulled into a strategic marketing plan, a roadmap for executing the plan along with recommendations for quick wins, medium and long term projects to transform the way marketing worked and the anticipated benefits to Softwire.

This was quickly translated into a marketing transformation programme with work streams that focused on transforming lead generation campaigning, data and targeting, content strategy, martech and lead management over a 4-6 month period.

Working with Bright to move towards an agile marketing model made total sense for Softwire. We benefit from being more adaptable, confident in our data driven decision making and have the ability to quickly improve areas of underperformance whilst the team remain focused on the activities that deliver against our business goals.

Andy Smart, Director

Transformation at pace

Rapidly evaluated and understood areas of strength and weakness within the Softwire marketing operation. Created a strategic approach and plan for rapidly transforming the marketing team by establishing KPI, fostered curiosity and embedding new ways of working.

Embarked on a 4 month transformation programme to work alongside the in-house team to transfer skills through learning whilst doing, embed agile ways of thinking and working whilst optimising the use of tools to improve marketing effectiveness, elevate the Softwire brand and build sales pipeline.

Broke down internal silos and created a cross functional agile marketing hub model bringing together the right people and skills to drive campaign success. Demonstrated results and drove continual improvement through data, insight, clear reporting and risk and issue management.

Data driven approach so that marketing contribution is clearly understood and how agile ways of working help them adapt and pivot to market change at pace, especially important post Covid. Regular updates to the leadership team helped them understand how best to invest and champion the new marketing approach.

Zoe MerchantAgile marketing transformation
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Embedding agile marketing

Embedding agile marketing

Creating a new proposition whilst embedding agile marketing at BMA


The BMA were launching a new commercial proposition with an unexplored target audience and needed to validate its proposition and get to market and demonstrate results quickly.

The BMA take a traditional approach to marketing with different specialist teams responsible for key aspects of marketing execution such as comms, member acquisition, digital, design etc. They wanted to use this campaign to be different, trying new tactics and embed agile ways of working.


Using our agile hub delivery model, we created a team of Bright agile experts and BMA marketing to support the delivery of a compelling value proposition and go to market campaign to deliver business objectives.

Bright worked with the BMA team in sprints to embed agile processes and ways of working to test, learn and build on key messages quickly and proactively. Bright provided on the ground and remote support to enable knowledge transfer supporting communication and cross-functional team collaboration to drive results.

Embedding agile marketing at the BMA

Embedding agile ways of working has transformed our marketing, helping us become more efficient and creative to hit stretch targets and take a new commercial proposition to market quickly

Adrian Brooks, Strategic Change Lead at the BMA


Introduced an agile marketing hub to lead the market campaign effort, starting with rapid proposition development to start to test, learn and improve the go to market approach within a few weeks.

Established commercial KPIs so it was easy to understand areas of over and under achievement to support continual improvements that drove results at pace.

Focused on transfer of agile marketing know how and cultural impact of change through collaborative working and leadership support.

Proved the hypothesis that the BMA could develop, launch and scale a commercial proposition and established strong revenue streams for the future

Sian HeaphyEmbedding agile marketing
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Virtual marketing drives growth

Virtual marketing drives growth

Virtual marketing team for next-level growth


ECS Digital is a leader in automation and digital transformation. They’ve helped clients such as Walmart, RBS, and Vodafone to deliver software and services faster and at lower cost through the adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices. We were engaged by ECS Digital for our technological B2B marketing expertise and agile marketing expertise.

ECS Digital are a mid sized consultancy, based near London Bridge. Initially they had no in-house marketing resource. They realised that building credibility and increasing demand around their brand, to achieve their ambitious growth objectives, would require a marketing team with greater knowledge of the technology and B2B environment and the ability to get off to a fast start.

Agile virtual marketing at pace

Bright worked as the virtual marketing team for ECS Digital. This approach gives companies that do not want to invest in headcount nor have the time to wait to complete the recruitment and set up process for an in-house team or want to extend their existing team. Our service provides clients with their own core team supported by other Bright team resources as and when needed.

We like to really get to know our clients, so that we can add as much value as possible to their organisation, through appropriate marketing efforts. As the virtual marketing team for ECS Digital, we became engrained as a part of the team. The core team spent at least a day a week working in the ECS Digital offices. Through this (and a good number of nights out!) we became well-known faces in the ECS Digital offices, and the go-to for marketing needs.

For a business in a fast moving area, marketing is key. With Bright we get a virtual marketing team that brings the right skills at the right time time. The Bright team are part of our team, couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Andy Cureton, Managing Director

Scaleable outsourced marketing expertise

The early months of working together focused upon lead generation and building credibility amongst senior decision makers. Clear marketing objectives were put in place aligned to the business targets and growth ambitions. The foundations of the ECS Digital marketing managed service are built upon using agile marketing to test, learn and build on success. Blending content creation, social media, email marketing, PPC, website optimisation, with the addition of quarterly campaigns to achieve specific goals.

Website and blog visits hit an all-time high; social portfolio following tripled; and the ECS Digital contact base grew exponentially with top-level business contacts setting the scene for further campaigning and nurture to build pipeline. Since this early engagement Bright has supported ECS Digital set up and transition its marketing function in-house transferring the agile ways of working which have allowed it to adapt and evolve as the business grows.


Senior audience engagement success
Campaign whitepaper downloads by CIOs and CTOs

Sian HeaphyVirtual marketing drives growth
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Rebranding for logistics consultancy

Rebranding for logistics consultancy

Agile marketing from scratch

Flo Group (formerly MavenWire) delivers transportation consulting services and solutions to large global firms. They aim to improve logistics and support the evolution of the supply chain across a wide range of industries – from retail to manufacturing.

MavenWire had the credentials and the experience as a market leader, but struggled to communicate effectively to its target audiences, who were difficult-to-reach senior decision makers.

Bright were engaged to create an agile marketing strategy for MavenWire to transition its brand to Flo, create a new identity, build reputation in the EMEA region and differentiate itself in the market to better engage the right prospects, build strong alliance relationships and attracting new talent.

Creating a brand identity and brand voice

Bright formed an agile marketing hub including subject matter experts, data and reporting specialists, project sponsor and Flo’s existing marketing resources to develop a strategic roadmap and use an iterative agile marketing approach for activity execution – focusing on the website and the core collaterals to support business development.

Initially, Bright created a joint brand identity to showcase MavenWire and Flo’s expertise, elevating it to a market leadership position in preparation for the transition to Flo Group. Starting with creating a website built upon clear, consistent messaging and a clean look. The website was validated with key audiences, so that only the successful elements were retained whilst reworking areas of underperformance.

New content and messaging drove search engine traffic, supported by a social media campaign and other marketing activities, resulting in increased time spent on the website and greater social following from key audiences.

A consistent brand voice was woven through the off line collateral to support the business development process via sales toolkits and to use at events. Up-to-date case studies gave the brand visible credentials to approach the right decision makers and provide evidence of success.

Once the foundation marketing was underway, a demand generation strategy was developed based on campaigns to build pipeline for key go-to market propositions.

Bright created a marketing foundation for Flo Group by implementing a strong brand identity and driving multichannel demand campaigns, that delivered results that supported our business goals.

Barry Hayes, CEO

Driving further demand

The campaigns were designed to deliver fast results and used agile marketing to quickly execute, gather feedback, validate and restructure the propositions in order to best exploit market demand and maximise response. Bright also proactively used this approach with Flo’s alliance partners such as Descartes, Oracle, FourKites and Flexis to quickly develop and execute joint campaigns to drive further demand.

Bright added value to Flo’s annual conference presence by bringing consistency to communication outreach prior to, at and post events. This was combined with identifying, following up and nurturing new opportunities with key prospects.

After feedback and research, Bright recommended creating a stronger event and market presence through adding video content to explain complex ideas in an accessible format, create higher impact and drive engagement.

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Sian HeaphyRebranding for logistics consultancy
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Increasing leads by 800%

Increasing leads by 800%

Integrated agile marketing drives success

IMGROUP now part of Hitachi Vantara, was a multiple award-winning data insight and information management consultancy that helped clients improve business performance, achieve competitive advantage and reduce cost through the effective use of data.

The IMGROUP leadership was looking for a marketing partner that could help reinvigorate their marketing programmes, inject new ways of working and help them to take ownership of early stage pipeline. Bright was chosen to work with them to create an agile approach to campaigning using thought leadership to drive engagement and establishing KPI that aligned to the company’s business objectives.

Injecting agile ways of working

Bright conducted a marketing diagnostic that identified key areas for improvement across people and culture, ways of working and martech. The marketing leadership and Bright then restructured the in-house team to ensure it was results-focused and better integrated with the sales team.

Bright worked with the in-house team to create and execute an agile marketing approach and plan focused on lead generation and brand communications. Built on strong content and integrated across all channels including events, PR, UX, digital and social media marketing.

Bright has the expertise, credibility and gravitas needed to help us instigate change and get support from the senior leadership team. The result was sharper, more targeted and effective marketing that built the brand presence as well as generating leads.

Rav Atwal, Marketing Director

Agile marketing transformation

Bright brought a mix of strategic thinking with a pragmatic, results-based, agile approach. The team delivered both critical short-term benefits and the longer-term strategic approach needed to build a successful programme that met the needs of the business, the results included:

  • 800% increase in qualified leads
  • High quality content used across multiple channels
  • Brand building resulting in acquisition by Hitachi
  • Greater alignment between sales and marketing
  • Transformed the marketing function and injected agile ways of working
  • Improved internal perception of the in-house marketing team
Sian HeaphyIncreasing leads by 800%
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Agile marketing drives repositioning

Agile marketing drives repositioning

Perception as a spring board for repositioning

Founded in 2005, Mint Digital helps companies create and grow standout digital products and services. As the digital landscape has changed, Mint Digital has adapted and evolved to meet its demands. International expansion and the launch of new services meant the company had diversified and the senior team were keen to find out how this had impacted perception of them in the market.

Key to the project was that Mint Digital ended up with refreshed compelling, credible and up-to-date positioning messaging, that would give them a strong platform to drive the business forward.

The team at Bright were great to work with and very professional. The diagnostic was insightful, and the final workshop rounded everything off, helping us to shape our core messages.

Noam Sohachevsky, Director

Digging deeper into perception

Bright conducted a perception audit using an agile marketing approach to get maximum value and insight quickly. The perception audit focused on interviews with key customers, prospects and influencers. Using a customised series of questions that iterated and evolved with each piece of feedback. The questionnaire explored perceptions around the brand including strengths, perceived weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Once the responses had been collected and collated, they formed the basis of a positioning and messaging session facilitated by Bright. The session used the key areas of strength and opportunity as the basis for a messaging architecture to take them forward in future.

Customer centric messaging

The perception audit, messaging workshop and the architecture created from its findings, enabled Mint Digital to align its messages to its audiences’ needs creating a customer centric approach and provided the following business benefits:

  • Insight into what its target audience really thought
  • Identified new market entrant opportunities
  • Valuable and actionable feedback to sharpen its delivery
  • Compelling, credible and up to date messaging
  • Repositioning strategy
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Sian HeaphyAgile marketing drives repositioning
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