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Up-skilling 5,500 employees across 14 time zones in a single day to become more data confident

Up-skilling 5,500 employees across 14 time zones in a single day to become more data confident

5,500 employees trained in a single day – the benefits of an agile approach

Informa is a globally recognised leader in events and digital services, a member of the FTSE 100 which operates in over 30 countries, with more than 11,000 employees. They teamed up with Bright, to launch a ground-breaking educational programme. Our joint mission was to transform Informa’s teams into data-savvy innovators. 

The challenge

Informa is on a journey to transform its business, creating products and services that meet the evolving needs of its customers. A crucial part of this transformation is empowering colleagues with cutting-edge technologies to harness the wealth of data at their disposal.  

Central to this initiative is IIRIS, a formidable platform that provides brands with access to a wealth of audience data. The executive team at Informa recognised the enormous potential of IIRIS and the need to strengthen colleagues’ data skills. To monetise the value of the array of data and tools at colleague’s disposal, we needed to create a focus on analysis, interpretation, and data-driven decision-making, giving the workforce the capabilities to maximise the benefits of the IIRIS platform. 

8,500+ hours of training across 33 countries in one day.

5,500 team members obtained their Green Belt certification.

Over 2,100 individuals proudly shared their certification on social media.

The solution

With the goal of honing data literacy, we initiated the playful yet impactful “Data Driven Journey” in Q4 2022. The objective? To spotlight data and nurture a data confident Informa workforce, fluent in Informa’s “Data, Insight, Action” framework.  

Unveiling this event across 33 countries and 14 time zones was a grand endeavour. Despite global and regional complexities, the Informa team aimed to train 5,000 colleagues worldwide in a single day, marking Informa’s largest one-day internal event.  

The training was gamified using a karate-belt grading system. Starting with the Green Belt level, this ‘dojo’ theme introduced an element of fun, fostering engagement and healthy competition among colleagues.  

The results

The first phase of this initiative was focused on participation and getting as many colleagues as possible Green Belt certified. The Data Driven Journey was the first event of its kind bringing together colleagues from across Informa’s divisions and territories.  

Colleagues from 33 countries took part, with 70% of the target audience learning about the data, insight, action framework. The team provided over 8,500 hours on training on one day alone worldwide. Upon completion of the event, 5,500 colleagues obtained their Green Belt certification.   

A notable ripple effect of the campaign was social sharing. Over 2,100 Informa colleagues showcased their Green Belt certification on social media platforms, amplifying employee engagement and propelling Informa’s reputation for comprehensive training and development.  


Through the collaboration, Informa and Bright have cultivated a reinvigorated, data-savvy workforce, alongside tangible metrics of success. This initiative sets a benchmark in employee engagement and data-driven innovation. 

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Alaina RobertsUp-skilling 5,500 employees across 14 time zones in a single day to become more data confident
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Transforming underperformance by embedding an agile marketing model

Transforming underperformance by embedding an agile marketing model

Agile marketing transformation programme


Softwire are a well established and innovative software engineering firm. With ambitious growth plans the leadership team wanted to understand how marketing could contribute best to supporting their business goals.

Softwire are traditional in their structure, with a business development sales team and dedicated marketing team focused on events, online and communication outreach. The leadership team wanted to understand the maturity of the marketing function and how they could best invest to create a marketing team that could adapt and move at pace to meet market change and scale as the business grew. They wanted to create a consistent approach to lead generation, try new tactics and use agile ways of working to get better results, help the in-house gain new experience and develop a culture of curiosity and continual improvement.


Bright ran a marketing diagnostic to assess and understanding Softwire’s marketing performance, results and capabilities. Working in conjunction with the in-house team to gather data, understand current marketing effectiveness and dig into the operational and martech barriers they faced. Whilst understanding the state of Softwire’s key markets, the competitive landscape and exploring perception of the Softwire brand through perception interviews with key contacts in clients, prospect accounts and channel partners.

Bright ran a number of workshops with senior stakeholders internally at Softwire to further understand key stakeholder experience of working with the marketing team, strengths and weaknesses and what marketing support would be best deployed to support business goals in future.

The diagnostic findings were synthesised and pulled into a strategic marketing plan, a roadmap for executing the plan along with recommendations for quick wins, medium and long term projects to transform the way marketing worked and the anticipated benefits to Softwire.

This was quickly translated into a marketing transformation programme with work streams that focused on transforming lead generation campaigning, data and targeting, content strategy, martech and lead management over a 4-6 month period.

Working with Bright to move towards an agile marketing model made total sense for Softwire. We benefit from being more adaptable, confident in our data driven decision making and have the ability to quickly improve areas of underperformance whilst the team remain focused on the activities that deliver against our business goals.

Andy Smart, Director

Transformation at pace

Rapidly evaluated and understood areas of strength and weakness within the Softwire marketing operation. Created a strategic approach and plan for rapidly transforming the marketing team by establishing KPI, fostered curiosity and embedding new ways of working.

Embarked on a 4 month transformation programme to work alongside the in-house team to transfer skills through learning whilst doing, embed agile ways of thinking and working whilst optimising the use of tools to improve marketing effectiveness, elevate the Softwire brand and build sales pipeline.

Broke down internal silos and created a cross functional agile marketing hub model bringing together the right people and skills to drive campaign success. Demonstrated results and drove continual improvement through data, insight, clear reporting and risk and issue management.

Data driven approach so that marketing contribution is clearly understood and how agile ways of working help them adapt and pivot to market change at pace, especially important post Covid. Regular updates to the leadership team helped them understand how best to invest and champion the new marketing approach.

Zoe MerchantTransforming underperformance by embedding an agile marketing model
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Engaging creative comms

Engaging creative comms

Creative communications to build rapport

Fluxx is an innovation company, creating new products and services to drive growth for some of the UK’s largest companies, such as John Lewis, Lloyds Bank and More Than insurance. Fluxx offer a unique blend of creativity and practical intelligence to help brands to develop original ideas and deliver digital products and services that are both innovative and highly lucrative.

Marketing performance improvement

Fluxx was exhibiting real potential and already held an impressive client list, but, operating in an increasingly competitive industry, was keen to build on its market share. Its team was eager to establish a systematic marketing approach that would help them to be consistent in their promotional activities and support business growth.

Fluxx’s priority was to educate its target markets on the value of innovation and the role that Fluxx plays as a catalyst and strategic creative partner. Focused on communicating its point of view through thought leadership, case studies and analysis. For this it needed to establish regular and effective contact to build lasting relationships with clients, prospects and key influencers in this space.

Bright helped Fluxx get a targeted and effective marketing program up and running, fast. We kicked off the programme with a perception audit to identify and shape the messaging that resonates among customers, prospects and employees. Working alongside Fluxx’s internal team we used this to shape and support regular content production to augment the existing marketing efforts.

The road to success

The UX and fresh content was developed for the Fluxx website and promoted across multiple social channels. Bright also established a monthly e-newsletter ‘What the Fluxx’ that publicised the latest content and nurtured an increasingly engaged network. Fluxx events were (and still are) legendary, bringing together industry business leaders through unique themes and positioning to create lively debate.

Alongside this we worked to clean up the Fluxx target database by extracting data from the company’s existing system. Analysing the information to create a list of target accounts and contact information, which was cleansed, segmented, and shared with the Fluxx team. It was clear a CRM was necessary for proper management of their data, Bright supported finding the right CRM and establish best practice usage of martech tools and reporting.

Establishing connections within the target market

The communications and data strategy enabled Fluxx to establish connections within their target markets and delivered measurable benefits:

Enhanced brand awareness through consistent creation and promotion of high-quality content.

Improved brand engagement demonstrated by people spending longer on the website, better engagement across social channels and email and an upsurge in recruitment enquiries.

Embedded reporting and improved martech usage, including a new CRM support marketing activity, sales pipeline reporting and ensure rapid follow up with hot prospects.

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Sian HeaphyEngaging creative comms
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