Agile in action: Adapting to survive and thrive

Curious about agile marketing adoption in the UK? We are too, we ran a survey in January 2020 to ask business and marketing leaders about their understanding of agile marketing, barriers to success and the benefits, here’s some of what we found:

• 71% of UK marketing leaders are adopting agile marketing techniques
• 75% said they’re making a greater impact on their business success with an agile approach
• Top priorities for 2020 include increased productivity and getting to market faster

We decided to start with a webinar to give a taster of how the top UK marketers are adapting to change. We’ll present the results from the survey and the trends driving the future of marketing.

Join the Q&A and hear opinion on the results from the senior change manager at the British Medical Association (BMA), who championed and led the agile marketing journey the BMA started on last year.

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Adrian Brooks, Strategic Change Lead, British Medical Association

Adrian is the British Medical Association’s strategic change lead, with over ten years of experience leading the transformation of FTSE 100 organisations. He has been working on implementing agile ways of working to support the development and launch of a new proposition and expansion into commercial environments.

Sian Heaphy, Agile Delivery Lead, Bright Innovation

Sian is the Agile delivery lead at Bright. She is passionate about agile marketing and works with medium to large organisations to transform their marketing and embed agile ways of working to drive business outcomes.

Sian HeaphyLooking to the future of agile marketing