Looking to the future of agile marketing

Agile marketing in action: Adapting to survive and thrive

The market can change in an instant, and a quick return to stability isn’t always guaranteed. Adopting responsive and adaptive ways of working is critical to moving at pace and meeting challenging market conditions head on.

Welcome to the Agile Marketing in action webinar. Over the next 40 minutes, join Adrian Brooks, Strategic change lead at the BMA and Sian Heaphy, Agile delivery lead at Bright as they discuss:

  • What is agile marketing and why it’s so important now
  • How businesses are embedding agile marketing in their day to day operations and the best practices that lead to proven business benefits
  • Explore the findings of our recent survey to understand the benefits of agile marketing for B2B marketers
  • How the BMA championed an agile mindset to successfully adapt to market change and launch a new proposition.

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Sian HeaphyLooking to the future of agile marketing