FinTech lead generation

More leads, stronger pipeline and optimised conversion

Opening doors in Financial Services is often the barrier to FinTech’s lead generation success. No matter how awesome your tech might be, your value message can still get lost, leaving your audience disengaged. If your pipeline is drying up and traditional marketing techniques just aren’t working, agile marketing can reignite your lead generation and reenergise your sales.

Convert more, faster with accelerated lead generation

Optimise to do more with your people, processes and tools

Lean and scalable to move at pace and adapt to change

Show ROI and business value with data-driven insights

Identify quick wins and build on successes in iterative cycles

Book me in!

Half an hour with a FinTech marketing expert to understand where I can optimise and drive more leads.

Leaders in FinTech marketing

Many consultancies fail to understand the FinTech market and audience. At Bright, we get it. We’ve worked in-house at major FinTech firms since 2013.

Expand your target audience, fast

Stop data bottlenecks. We deliver total addressable market projects for FinTech firms to get your brand and proposition in front of the right people.

Proven results

Traditional marketing stalls sales growth. Our FinTech clients like Gresham experience better engagement, pipeline and conversion with agile marketing.

Agile marketing for FinTechs

We specialise in learning what works in your FinTech and building a marketing model that’s lean and scalable. As a strategic consultancy, we focus on what you need to succeed. See how we can help you achieve your business goals:

Pilot campaign

Get 12 weeks to try out a FinTech lead generation campaign to deliver leads, build a fresh dataset and create opportunity at pace.

Marketing strategy

Determine what you need in order to achieve your business goals, whether it’s a compelling value proposition, a brighter website or clearer insights.

Sales enablement

Find out where you’re falling short in the buyer journey and fill those gaps with engaging content on the right channels for your key audiences.

Total Addressable Market

Define your target audience, then build and cleanse the data to ensure your marketing efforts reach the contacts you want to engage.

Lead management

Optimise your sales funnel, get to grips with the flywheel and make better use of your tools, AI and automation to nurture leads and improve conversion.


Embed and scale agile marketing across your lead generation strategy to create an always-on approach to campaigning.

Bright delivered agile marketing campaigns that increased engagement with our target audiences and delivered outstanding results at pace.

Paul White, CMO, Gresham Technologies

You’re in good company

Need proof?

Check out our successful projects to learn some of the critical success factors for FinTech marketing:

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