Our Capabilities

Our capabilities come together to form the perfect marketing mix

Agile Delivery

Developing and iterating strategies to get results faster, continuously improving and optimising metrics, integrating and aligning with your business and goals.

Demand Generation

Deploying a marketing mix of proven strategies plus innovative tactics to match your modern-day B2B buyer’s journey and expectations.

Content & communication

Creating lapel-grabbing content that attracts, interests and converts your audience – nudging them down the funnel and towards your offering.

Bright Studio

Giving your business a competitive edge with interactive experiences – such as videos, digital media, and website builds.

Agile Delivery

We work with you to develop the strategic projects you need to deliver on your business goals

Bright’s methodology is built on agile delivery. Working in partnership with our clients we validate and test ideas and use what we learn to improve results.

Focused on business outcomes we work to align Sales and Marketing, actively communicating and reporting on progress throughout a project or campaign. Working with our clients, we deliver on business needs and strategic advice, based on evidence.

We will engage with senior stakeholders across your organisation to bring them along on your marketing journey, updating on progress and ROI as we progress through the project.

  • Increase rapid project and campaign delivery across complex programmes of work

  • Increase exposure of deliverables with key stakeholders

  • Maximise ROI with our iterative process

Bright work in an agile fashion while remaining focused on outcomes. The strength and depth of the team is also very valuable – providing a well of expertise for us to dip into.

Phil Moody, Chief of Staff, BAE systems


Positioning the optimal strategies to generate leads, drive new business opportunities, and maximise your marketing spend.

  • Marketing strategy

    Ensure you have the optimal marketing strategy to achieve your business goals. Build the foundation to drive demand for your products and services, and gain maximum value from your marketing projects.

  • Executing agile campaigns

    Go-to-market at pace and penetrate new accounts with personalised, timely communications. Generate demand and fill the top of your funnel to provide your sales team with qualified leads.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Attribute your marketing spend and show clear ROI. Benchmark against our clients and the wider industry. Use the latest MarTech to analyse and optimise campaigns at a more granular level, constantly iterating for success

Bright has the expertise, credibility and gravitas needed to help us instigate campaigns. The result was sharper, more targeted and more effective marketing that helped build brand presence as well as generate leads.

Rav Atwal, Tech Marketing leader and Former Marketing Director, IMGROUP part of Hitachi Consulting

Content & Comms

Bright gives you effective content that informs, engages and persuades your target audiences. It’s all about getting the right message to the right person, at the right time, in a way that nurtures growth for your business.

An effective content strategy is a must if you want your business to succeed in today’s crowded market. That means creating engaging, relevant, and persuasive content. With everything mapped to multiple stages of the buying cycle.

The foundation comes from building a cohesive strategy. One that generates content to inspire your target audience. Compelling them to read, share and find out more about your brand.

Whether you want to connect with external or internal audiences we tailor your messages for maximum impact.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

    Develop lasting relationships with your target audience, compelling them to find out more about your brand

  • Build credibility in your company

    Position yourself and your business as an expert in your industry

  • Take colleagues on your business journey with you

    Your colleagues are your brand ambassador, communicate at the right message at the right time to bring them with you

Bright’s approach to content is refreshing – articulating the business value of complex solutions and service offerings to maximise impact and engagement. They think about how content works at every stage of the buying cycle.

Tony Connor, Cloud Marketing Manager, ECS


Let’s bring your brand to life with stunning visuals and beautiful designs. From brand personalities and guidelines to creating memorable websites and multi-media designs to engage your target audiences.

  • Design

    Design is at the core of the Bright Studio. Not only can it make you look great, it can help you convert prospects into customers.

  • Create

    Creating digital experiences is part of everything that we do in the Bright Studio, from videos and infographics, to new website builds and digital communications.

  • Innovate

    We focus on looking at the latest technologies and innovations that can drive your business forward.

Bright came onboard and completed a workshop that uncovered exactly what we wanted our new branding to say. They then gave life to our branding by redeveloping our website and creating a suite of supporting materials.

Stephen Mamelok, Director, Unifii Ltd

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