But, is it compelling?

Developing value propositions that convert

What do you do? Who does it serve? Why should I choose you over your competitor?   

These are questions that all businesses face during the sales process and need to be answered clearly and effectively. If not, you risk target prospects overlooking or bypassing your solution for another competitive option.   

Articulating the value of your product and/or service, in a way that stands out and resonates with your target audience can be challenging. Jump into this bootcamp to explore how to develop compelling propositions that convert prospects. 

Get to grips with: 

  • How to use data and insights to support the value proposition development process 
  • The process for developing compelling value propositions
  • What good looks like and the power of impactful messaging 

Not got time for a full bootcamp? Check out our one-page game plan to digest the information quickly.

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Agile marketing speakers

Sian Heaphy, Director 

Sian works across our clients to help them identify the value of their products and services. In this bootcamp, she will give you a deep dive into the critical success factors and process for creating compelling value propositions that convert. 

Natalie Cannatella, Comms & Content Strategist 

Natalie is Bright’s content and comms specialist. She has years of experience developing messaging that provides clarity and articulates value. Natalie will share tips and tricks to build engagement with your propositions. 

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