Marketing Revolution in Fintech

Marketing Revolution in Fintech

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Digital Transformation Leader, Alistair Bennett and Bright’s Client Delivery Director, Lydia Kirby.


Whilst Digital Transformation isn’t a new phrase, there’s still a long way to go in many Financial Services firms to revolutionise their processes and put the customer experience and satisfaction at the heart of their culture.

That’s where you come in. FinTech firms are continuously finding new ways to help Financial Services to transform the way they manage the day-to-day operations – from application management to notifications and reconciliations to regulations. Yet your message can often be lost, your product is trying to deliver everything to everyone, and the benefits of the solution are diluted.

Here comes the need for a marketing revolution. For Financial Services to thrive, they will need FinTech’s. And both FIs and FinTech’s need to evolve their marketing to focus on meaningful insight, communicating in a contextual way and delivering the art of the possible.

In this webinar, you’ll explore:

  • What Financial Services firms have learnt during the pandemic and what their priorities are to thrive in a ‘post covid’ world
  • The role of technology (the FinTech’s) in digital transformation and the future of Financial Services
  • Why FinTech firms should market the ‘art of the possible’ when their audience is on the quest for ZERO
  • The importance of FinTech’s remembering their purpose, harvesting perceptions and messaging effectively
  • How a customer-centric approach changes the funnel model and supports life after adoption

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