Agile marketing bootcamp: What is agile marketing?

What is agile marketing?

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A high intensity bootcamp on agile marketing and why the methodology should matter to you

‘What is agile marketing?’ I hear you ask… 

We take a look a modern marketing skills and explain why 75% of marketers adopted agility this year to help them respond faster and adapt at pace. 

As digital marketing grows and marketing technology develops, there’s often a desire or even a pressure for marketing to be more ‘agile’; faster and more responsive. But how exactly to achieve this agility remains a mystery for many marketing teams. 

Join us on Tuesday 16th November at 14:30 GMT as Bright’s Founder, Zoe Merchant, and Director, Sian Heaphy cut the techno-waffle and breakdown the fundamentals of the methodology, what it means to you, and how to put agile marketing into action! 

You’ll learn:  

  1. What it means to be an agile marketer 
  2. Why it’s beneficial to you and your organisation 
  3. How you can begin to market with more agility  


Source: Bright 2021 Power of resilience report 

Agile marketing speakers

Zoe Merchant, Managing Director at Bright

Zoe works across all our clients to help them identify the value of their products and services. In this podcast, she will give you a deep dive into the critical success factors and process for creating compelling value propositions that convert. 

Sian Heaphy, Director at Bright

Sian creates and runs large and complex agile marketing programmes and projects for Bright and our clients. She knows how to run sprints effectively, embedding new ways of working as you scale, to get the most value from an agile marketing approach.

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Alexandra JefferiesAgile marketing bootcamp: What is agile marketing?