Agile marketing bootcamp: the rise of social selling and how to stand out

The rise of social selling and how to stand out 

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The buying process has evolved over the last decade putting increasing pressure on us as B2B marketers to ensure we have a robust, high performance strategy in place for our social platforms. Working alongside our sales team, it’s essential we’re standing out, engaging our prospects and building meaningful relationships – especially in an increasingly crowded social landscape.  

There is after all more to social selling then just liking a comment or posting an update…  

And connecting with prospects and customers on a mass scale has never been so available.  

Join Chloe, Anjali and Lydia in this high intensity session to discover:  

  • The attraction of social selling  
  • How to continue the conversation on other channels  
  • Why content schedules are a must  
  • How to mould your B2B buyer journey to win the business 
  • The rules of success when it comes to acquisition and retention  

Not got time for a webinar? Check out our one-page game plan to discover our top five tips when it comes to social selling.

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Agile marketing speakers

Chloe Emmerson

Chloe works with our clients to help them evolve and optimise their social strategy. In this bootcamp, she’ll be taking you on a deep dive into how create content schedules, develop conversations across your social platforms and the rules you need to follow to acquire and retain. 

Anjali Chauhan

Anjali brings her knowledge to this session on how to cut through the crowds when it comes to social platforms to be heard by your prospects and build meaningful relationships. She’ll also show you how to mould your buyer journey so you can convert more leads and win the business. 

Lydia Kirby

Lydia will be joining the bootcamp to bring her expertise and experience having worked with Bright clients for many years on social selling. She’ll be sharing her top tips and secret sauce on how to stand out and engage your prospects. 

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Alexandra JefferiesAgile marketing bootcamp: the rise of social selling and how to stand out