Agile marketing bootcamp: Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing Bootcamp

On-Demand Event

On the fence about Account Based Marketing? Tried it but didn’t get the results you wanted?

Well, ABM is a core marketing strategy for B2B businesses, designed to deliver growth and awareness with high-value accounts. As pressure mounts to show results from this investment, lots of organisations are still on the fence about ABM because of the challenges and obstacles they may have to overcome.

Identifying these issues and acting accordingly to solve them will help you stay focused on achieving your successes. Download the bootcamp to understand:

  • What content to use
  • How to choose target accounts
  • How to deliver a personalised customer experience
  • Create a scalable strategy

Not got time to watch the full bootcamp? Check out our one-page game plan on the four key steps you need to take to kickstart a successful ABM campaign.

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Agile marketing speakers

Zoe Merchant, Managing Director

Zoe is at the sharp end of ABM, having masterminded and delivered ABM campaigns for Bright clients. Zoe will bring her know-how around how to identify issues and act accordingly to leave you with a successful ABM campaign.

Sian Heaphy, Director

Sian has years of experience in ABM. In this session, Sian will go into depth on how to develop your content, target accounts, customer experience and strategy – the backbone of a solid ABM plan. 

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Alexandra JefferiesAgile marketing bootcamp: Account Based Marketing