Agile marketing tools and resources

The future is Bright, and for those who want to build resilience it’s all about agile ways of working to deliver game-changing marketing at pace. We love to learn, so we’ve brought together all of our great content in one place. Dip into our latest infographic, dive into our videos and level up with our ebooks, reports and papers.

Marketing as an accelerator

Exclusive insights from industry commentators into how businesses can develop their pipeline of future clients, build reputation and brand, and ultimately achieve high sustainable growth through better use of marketing.

An interview with Mitra Roknabadi and Lydia Kirby

A unique perspective on agile marketing and how organisations can introduce an agile mindset into their marketing strategy. Learn more about the agile transformation in a variety of industries and how your marketing team can work together more effectively, welcome change and experimentation, and embrace failure.

Agile marketing game plans

Designed to build resilience and deliver game-changing marketing at pace. Our one-page game plans are your quick reference tool to inject agility, increase ROI and transform your ways of working.

Communicating in times of uncertainty

Businesses need an effective communication strategy now more than ever. Find out how best to tackle internal communication strategy during times of disruption with commentary and insights from global communications experts.

Minimum Viable marketing

Marketing poised to reap the rewards of agile ways of working. How do you achieve less waste, in terms of time, money, and resource combined with rapid output, and more growth? Read on to understand how you can adopt agile and positively impact your bottom line.

The Power of Resilience

Over 150 B2B marketers have spoken. Find out how to thrive in these times of uncertainty.

An interview with Ghassan Sultan and Lydia Kirby

Want to learn more about agile marketing? A podcast series hosted by agile marketing expert John Cass, taking a deeper dive into what it means to practice agile marketing and world around it.

What is Agile Marketing?

This is the era of agile marketing. The ascendancy of experimentation and strategic thinking. The reign of data-driven insights. No matter your industry, everyone seems to be ‘going Agile’. But what does that mean? Check out our 90 second video to find out in a flash!

Website optimisation know-how

This infographic summarises quick wins you can make to your website to optimise it, improve UX and engage more of your audience to generate new leads. Take a look to see where you can improve.

Zapnito case study

Discover how Bright helped Zapnito raise their brand awareness and secure investment within the UK and North American, through a swift 8-week campaign on a limited budget.

Traditional vs agile marketing

This infographic provides a quick comparison of traditional and agile ways of working. On which side of the ring do you stand?

Agile marketing with Zoe Merchant

Gain insight into the world of agile marketing, where we use data to test, learn, iterate and refine in an ongoing, process of working towards marketing perfection.

Virtual event at scale

Explore what it takes to create ground-breaking virtual events and smash your attendee target. Join us for a discussion about critical success factors for creating a virtual event that scores leads and builds your brand?

The Future of B2B marketing in 2020

We asked 100 UK business and marketing leaders where they see their marketing going and what the critical success factors will be. Download the report to better understand what role marketing agility plays for those who are the most resilient.

Introducing agile marketing hubs

Agile hubs are cross functional teams that enable us to transfer agile marketing know-how to your organisation. Find out how they work and what benefits you can expect.

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