Agile Aficionados

Sid Asokan, Chief Marketing Officer, Softwire

The pace and uncertainty in the marketplace have made it essential to be agile…

Sid Asokan

Sid Asokan

Chief Marketing Officer, Softwire


Why is agility important to your marketing?

Every business needs to be agile and responsive to the changing market conditions. The pace and uncertainty in the marketplace have made it essential to be agile. As a marketing function, to add value, we need to able to move rapidly and be prepared to act quickly. It’s good to have a plan to give you a general direction but you should anticipate your plan will change.

How has agile marketing helped you reach your goals?

It’s helped build greater credibility with key stakeholders since we’re able to respond quickly to the demands of the business. It’s given us the ability to test and validate new channels and tactics without placing all our eggs in one basket right away. We’re able to look at the data and pivot or double down on a specific tactic or channel that’s yielding results.

What’s the single most important thing you’ve learnt during your marketing career?

 As cynical as it sounds, the shiny new tool or piece of tech that promises to solve all your problems doesn’t exist – there is no silver bullet. It’s always people over processes over tech.

What is the most important skill that makes a great marketer?

It’s hard to pinpoint a specific skill in marketing since things are evolving all the time. But I’d say the most important trait for a marketer to have, is the ability to unlearn and relearn new concepts and constantly stay abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

Where do you turn to for marketing insights and news?

I learn the most these days from various marketing communities and Slack groups. You learn directly from the real-life practical experiences of other marketers and build up your network whilst doing so.

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