Sprint leadership

Prioritising activity to meet your KPIs

On-demand event

Sprints are your key to embedding agile ways of working and breaking down complex long-term strategies into short-term, bite-sized goals. They are the backbone of agile campaigning, giving you the time you need to iterate and optimise your marketing activity to better support business goals. But what are they, and how do you lead and manage sprints successfully?

In this high-intensity session explore:

  • How sprints work
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Risk and issue management
  • Our top tips for running sprints virtually

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Want your very own cheat sheet? Make sure you download our game plan to smash your sprints!

Agile marketing expert speakers

Zoe Merchant, Managing Director

Zoe is an agile marketing aficionado — a passionate believer in marketing measurability, using data and insight to architect leading-edge agile marketing programmes, projects and campaigns. Zoe will bring to life the disciplines of sprint leadership needed to deliver marketing agility at pace.

Sian Heaphy, Director, Bright

Sian creates and runs large and complex agile marketing programmes and projects for Bright and our clients. She knows how to run sprints effectively, embedding new ways of working as you scale, to get the most value from an agile marketing approach.

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Sian HeaphyAgile marketing bootcamp: Sprint leadership