Transformative communications

Driving cultural change

On-demand event

When incorporating agility into your marketing strategy, your people are your biggest asset and your greatest barrier to cultural change. It is people that will deliver to deadlines, meet campaign KPIs and ultimately ensure the success of this project and beyond.

In this on demand event discover how transformative agile communications supports and empowers your team:

  • Drive cultural change through clear, effective communications
  • Manage and engage with tricky stakeholders to generate buy-in
  • Break down barriers and silos to nurture collaboration and growth

You can also download your game plan.

Agile marketing expert speakers

Alexandra Jefferies, Content and Comms Director

Alex is a content and comms whiz who helps our clients communicate better both internally and externally to drive change and build a culture that supports agility. Hear how to avoid common pitfalls and make use of both formal and informal channels to get your message across.

Annie Constable, Senior Marketing Executive

Annie runs the day-to-day comms outreach for our clients and she understands the power of great communications in driving behavioural change and engagement. Find out how to use comms to get the agility you’re after, at pace.

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Sian HeaphyAgile marketing bootcamp: Transformative communications