Unsticking your pipeline

5 ways to unstick your pipeline with great content

On-Demand Event

Let’s say you’ve got a healthy number of leads responding to your main call to action, but they all seem to be getting stuck at the top of your sales funnel? Now you’re struggling to keep them engaged after that first point of interaction and move them further down the funnel — what do you do?  

We’ve all been there. You’re not alone. Some sources such as Hubspot suggest you need between 6 – 9 touch points with B2B lead before you can secure first meeting. Join us to explore the secret sauce to great lead engagement — content. Building a consistent approach to content creation and comms outreach is the key to keeping your leads warm and easing them down your sales funnel.  

In this on-demand bootcamp, find out:   

  • Who to target, why and how?  
  • The importance of buyer journey milestones 
  • How to use content at each stage of the pipeline 
  • Using communications to engage leads, faster 
  • Crafting value propositions and call-to-actions that entice 

If you’ve not got time to watch the whole bootcamp, check out the one page gamplan for all your key takeaways.

Agile marketing expert speakers

Chloe Emmerson, Marketing Manager 

Chloe is the master of content, especially when it comes to moving your leads down the pipeline. In this session, Chloe will bring to life how to use communications effectively to engage your leads, what works and what doesn’t, and how to craft value propositions.

Pete Shelton, Senior Marketing Executive 

Pete is an expert on moving your leads down the funnel to hit your buyer journey milestones. From the initial touchpoint, all the way through to a first meeting, Pete will be giving away our secret sauce to lead engagement.

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