Agile marketing bootcamp: Agile marketing campaigning

Create opportunities with agile marketing campaigning

Test, learn and build on success to drive results

On-demand event

Struggling to hit your targets? Need to quickly understand how best to engage your target audience at each stage of the buyer journey? Fast, agile and measurable campaigns are the most effective way to test, learn and build on successes at critical journey stages — powering your ability to engage decision makers and convert opportunities faster.

Agile marketing campaigning is a great way to embed and optimise agile ways of working within your organisation. Watch our on demand bootcamp which focuses on:

  • Kickstarting agile thinking in campaigns
  • Defining campaign and sprint KPIs
  • Knowing when to measure and optimise
  • Turning data into your secret weapon

You many also want to download our one page game plan to help you get started on implementing agile marketing campaigning straight away.

Meet your bootcamp trainers

Lydia Kirby, Client Services Director

With so many agile marketing campaign experiences to fall back on, Lydia is a leading expert in how to get to market fast — testing, learning and building on success to drive results. Lydia will coach you through the barriers and the levers you can pull to optimise and get the most from introducing agile into your campaigning.

Nick Johnson, Demand Manager

Nick is at the sharp end of agile campaigning, having masterminded and delivered campaigns for many Bright clients. Nick will bring his know-how around how to embed agile ways of working to support your marketing campaign execution and give you the adaptability and resilience you need to meet market changes head on.

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Sian HeaphyAgile marketing bootcamp: Agile marketing campaigning