Agile marketing delivering results at pace

Using agile marketing hubs to adopt new ways of working

Our Minimum Viable Marketing Agile methodology is all about moving in ‘Sprints’ – incremental, iterative, adapting to unpredictable developments. Work is focused on high-value projects and campaigns, where improvements will have the biggest impact. We have created agile marketing hubs where we can be in the driving seat or work collaboratively to transfer agile know how to your organisation. So, you can see why it’s the ideal approach for doing business in today’s tech-fuelled disruptive era. And it’s why we deploy agile marketing here at Bright.

Here’s why the Bright agile marketing methodology works:

Agile marketing gives you the edge


An agile mindset is about continuously improving – finding new ways to get an edge. That’s why campaigns are informed by data, so we always discover what’s working and why.

Be more adaptable with agile marketing


Agile means your marketing plan is dynamic and cross-functional. As a result, you shorten time to market and boost collaboration within your organisation.

Develop at pace with agile marketing


Working iteratively means we quickly discover what’s working and what needs improving, adjusting at pace. We respond without tearing everything up and starting again, so less risk for you.

We felt confident we could be daring with our ideas, because we knew Bright’s agile way of working would show us early on if they weren’t performing and made sure we improved.

Emma Sinden, Marketing Director, Armakuni

How we work

Agile marketing - minimum viable marketing methodology

When you adopt Bright’s Minimum Viable Marketing approach, you gain insight into strategies by measuring and learning from the results to continually adjust and improve. We adapt your campaign or project in flight, not waiting until the end to see if it’s been a success.

It fuels our high quality delivery and means we adapt as our clients accommodate market changes at pace. All while keeping our eye on the prize and delivering results.

The value of the Bright approach:

  • Responsive to change
  • Testing and gathering data insights
  • Experimental whilst learning and limiting risk
  • Explorative and adaptive campaigns
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Making iterations at pace
  • Investing efforts into smaller increments
  • Insight-led and audience focused

Interested in discovering how agile marketing can support your business goals?

Sian HeaphyAgile Marketing