Marketing as rocket fuel

Strategic agile marketing to drive growth

You need marketing that evolves just like your business, industry, and competitors are evolving to exploit market opportunities.
We’re talking about fast, agile and measurable campaigns and strategic projects – a marketing mix that’s the present and future of B2B strategies. It also happens to be what we deploy and deliver for our ambitious tech and consulting clients. Here are three ways Bright’s consultancy expertise will support your business:

Strategic marketing that delivers results

All about results

Of course, results are what you’ll judge us on. That’s why you get metrics and reporting that relate to your business (and your ROI). It’s all based on proven knowledge, expertise and experience of what works for tech and consulting firms.

Strategic marketing aligned to your business

Aligned to your business

Every project or campaign is built bespoke, with rapid integration into your business. You can fill a specific gap in capability, or gain expertise for strategy, planning, and help with execution. Whatever you need, rest assured we hit the ground running.

Full service strategic marketing consultancy

Full service consultancy

Campaigns are run using agile methods at every stage. This way you get results and insight quickly, with ongoing improvement. What’s more, our framework uses the right skills at the right time to further boost delivery.

Strategic agile marketing

Bright is a group of very smart and talented people. They helped me develop numerous strategies and the quality of their work has always been very high.

Christof Reckagel, Global Data Management Director, BCG

What we do

Bright approach marketing in a different way – results are at the heart of everything we do. We use agility and pace to drive projects and campaigns forward that focus on rapidly learning, improving and supporting business outcomes.

Strategic agile marketing
  • Agile marketing in action

    Working in Sprints, moving fast with a Minimum Viable approach, adopting continuous improvement… if this sounds familiar to you, it’s also familiar to Bright, because it’s our approach to strategic marketing. It’s how we quickly align, integrate and achieve great results with tech and consulting companies.

  • Leveraging the power of cross functional teams

    Our marketing capabilities can slot into your existing team or complement the skills you have, adding targeted expertise where you need it. Alternatively, we can take on a greenfield project and develop it all the way from idea to execution.

Interested in understanding how agile marketing can support your business goals?

How to get started

How to inject agility and pace into your organisation

Marketing diagnostic

Marketing diagnostics

Want to gain deeper insight into the contribution marketing is, and should be, making to your business? Need to pinpoint areas of marketing weakness and identify where improvement will accelerate results? Keen to see how your strategy and skills are contributing or hampering successfully reaching your goals? We understand the role marketing maturity plays, and will recommend the right roadmap for you.

Agile proof of concept campaigns

Proof of concept campaigns

Looking to validate an idea without putting your business on the line? Seeking insight on the best way to scale a successful proposition or service? Adopting an Account Based Marketing approach to sell more to fewer? We implement PoC agile campaigns to kick-off and accelerate your marketing strategies.

Agile proposition development

Proposition development

Do you know how to articulate the value of your service or product offering? Have you outgrown your value proposition? Are you keen to refine, redo, or start from scratch with telling your story? We define and validate the value you bring, position you correctly, and showcase your story to drive engagement.

Sian HeaphyStrategic Marketing