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ECS Digital is a leader in automation and digital transformation. They’ve helped clients such as Walmart, RBS, Vodafone and Bet365 to deliver software and software-related services faster and at lower cost through the adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices. We were engaged by ECS Digital for our technological B2B marketing expertise.

ECS Digital are a 24-person strong company, based near London Bridge. Without their own marketing department, they’d been working with an offshore marketing supplier to establish a new website and secure marketing foundations. They soon realised that building credibility and increasing demand around their brand, to achieve their ambitious growth objectives, would require a marketing team with greater knowledge of the technology and B2B environment.

The Bright team was recommended to ECS Digital, by a trusted contact, to fill such a gap. We were initially engaged to produce an audit of their current marketing efforts and place in the market. Using this, we made recommendations that would take their marketing, and business, to the next level.

That was back in April 2016. We’ve been working with ECS Digital since then on a number of successful campaigns.

For a small business in a fast moving area, marketing is key yet traditionally unaffordable. We simply cannot support a team with a CMO, designer, social/digital marketers etc. With Bright we get a virtual marketing team that comprises all of those resources and more, but at a cost we can afford and reflects the amount of time we need from each of those roles. We run campaigns, create and publish content, do design work for event stands, website management etc. The Bright team spend time in our office with us every week and are part of our team, joining us for social events too. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Andy Cureton

Virtual team

Bright offers a managed service working as the virtual marketing team for our clients. This offering is particularly attractive to small and mid-sized companies that simply cannot yet afford their own internal marketing teams. Our service provides clients with their own core team and marketing manager, supported by other Bright team resources as and when needed. This way, marketing is made affordable for our clients.

We like to really get to know our clients, so that we can add as much value as possible to their organisation, through appropriate marketing efforts. We find that the best way to do so is to work in their offices as often as possible. As the virtual marketing team for ECS Digital, we’ve become engrained as a part of the team. The core team spends one day a week working in the ECS Digital offices. Through this (and a good number of nights out!) we’ve become well-known faces in the ECS Digital offices, and the go-to for marketing needs.

Getting Results

The early months of working together have been focused upon building credibility amongst senior decision makers and generating demand in the marketplace; objectives put in place to achieve growth ambitions.  The foundations of the ECS Digital marketing managed service are built upon content creation, social media, email marketing, PPC, website optimisation, with the addition of quarterly campaigns to achieve specific goals.

During these months, website and blog visits have hit an all-time high; social portfolio following has tripled; and the ECS Digital contact base has been continuously growing with top-level business contacts.


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*As of September 22, 2016

Sian HeaphyA virtual marketing team for next-level growth