The SaaS marketers guide to hacking the recession

There has never been a better time to act fast to bolster your position and win big. Especially as a technology provider.

Discover how an agile mindset, combined with strategic marketing hacks can help you to weather the storm and come out on top in our latest blog: Three ways marketing can help SaaS firms act fast and win big during the recession.

Read more about:

  • How to demonstrate resilience to win hearts, minds, and new business
  • The pitfalls of reactive marketing and neglecting the bigger picture
  • Why now is the time to reassess your audience and recentre your positioning
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How to hack the recession with 8 B2B marketing tips for partner marketers

There has never been a better time to inject agility into your marketing to act fast and win big.

Focus on what matters, get the best results from your budget, tools and people, demonstrate value from lean marketing tactics and meet your marketing goals with agile ways of working.

Why Bright?

Drive better results through marketing agility

Bright is a world-leading B2B agile marketing consultancy, with strong expertise in tech and growth marketing, to drive your business forward and accelerate your marketing transformation.

Take advantage of the benefits of agile marketing; stay sharp, get lean, and be responsive.

  • Engage your prospects, win more clients, grow your business
  • Get the most from your marketing team, your tools and your processes
  • Activate agile marketing to meet your business goals

We embed an iterative and data-driven approach, leading the charge to better results, faster time to market, sustainable growth, and the ability to adapt and change at pace — all perfectly aligned to your business goals.

Transparency of marketing results

Welcome new ideas and perspectives

Respond to change quickly

Ensure effective prioritisation and execution

Take chances and learn from your failures

Work in smaller cross-functional teams

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