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Never give up day – The power of resilience

Never Give Up Day is all about cultivating a mindset of determination, which helps us get through difficult challenges that life throws our way. This mindset aligns closely with Bright’s values, specifically Spirit – which is defined as being energetic and resilient, using grit and determination to achieve our goals – both professional and personal.

To mark Never Give Up Day this year, we chat with our Senior Marketing Executive, Nicolai Stampfer, who has just celebrated his first year at Bright, as he shares how the mindset of resilience and determination has helped him learn and grow as a marketer.

How would you describe your first year of working at Bright?

During my first year at Bright, I was encouraged from the start to experiment with new ideas and nurture a curious mindset. It’s been a constant journey of learning and sometimes failing, but the spirited Bright mindset means that we’re not afraid of failure – but to fail fast, learn fast and don’t fail the same way twice. This mantra has been very helpful for me to grow as a marketer and become more comfortable with some of the activities that were quite daunting and foreign when I first started at Bright.

What’s the single most important thing you’ve learned in the past year

The single most important learning from my first year at Bright is to be resilient and to keep the mindset that with testing and learning, things will improve over time. When we begin new projects, the full scope of work can be quite daunting, but by working as a team, we can break down the challenges, plan the milestones and keep pace to naturally progress and solve our clients challenges.

One of Bright’s values is ‘Spirit’ – this quality is described as energetic and resilient using grit and determination to achieve goals – but always with a smile! How has living this value informed your experience of working at Bright?

This mindset has come into play when there are some days when there seems like there is so much to do, feeling overwhelmed, and you can start to question yourself about your capability to achieve what’s possible. For me, the spirit value has been amplified and lived through as a team spirit. It’s so much easier to be empowered and motivated when the team around you is living the same values and working towards the same goals.

When one of us has a bad day or one of us has an emergency outside of work, the team rallies around because we’re all in it together. This community spirit has helped me through tough times, especially last year during the Christmas period when I got COVID and couldn’t go home to my family in France. The team supported me through this time, and it was mentally very helpful, making an unfortunate situation more bearable!

How does agility in ways of working, or an agile mindset, help you to remain resilient and overcome challenges?

An agile mindset helps us to not get stuck in a rut and enables us to embrace pivoting when we need to shift pace or modify our approach. It has changed my perspective on change and allowed me to become a more versatile marketer.

What does Never Give Up Day mean to you personally?

Never Give Up Day represents my career in marketing so far. When I started out in marketing for tourism and hospitality, the pandemic struck, and I could have taken that as a sign that this career path isn’t for me. By having a resilient mindset, I explored other industries and different ways of using my skills, and that’s how I landed where I am at Bright today.

On a more personal basis, I manage ADHD and Dyslexia on a day-to-day basis. When I am under pressure, I could use this as an excuse to give up, but I don’t let this define me and I never give up every single day.

Developing a mindset of resilience and agility has never been more important than it is right now, with the necessity to react to our uncertain economic environment.

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Alexandra JefferiesNever give up day – The power of resilience

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